Training star jasmine on trellis

Emerald Hills, CA(Zone 9b)


I've been searching on the internet for the proper method to train star jasmine on a trellis, and I've found so many different answers - everything from train the branches horizontally, then the vertical shoots will have more flowers; to train the shoots in a fan shape; to train them vertically.

Same problem with fertilizer - everything from feed monthly to feed once a season.

I'd appreciate some guidance. These star jasmine were planted, last year, in containers & I had 4 x 7' trellis put up this week.



Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I've grown star jasmine both at my old house & my current house, and I never fertilized it and it did just fine. Not saying they wouldn't do fine with a little fertilizer too, but they don't seem to need a lot so I'd probably go with the once a season approach vs once a month (too much nitrogen can stimulate lots of green growth at the expense of blooms). I also haven't really needed to help it with climbing--just put it next to a trellis and let it do its thing, prune out bits that end up going the wrong direction if space is an issue (the one at my old house would stick tendrils out into a walkway, so if it started overhanging the walk to much I'd trim it back. It seems very floriferous so I wouldn't worry too much about how exactly you prune it.

Emerald Hills, CA(Zone 9b)

Thanks ecrane - seems like I can always count on you for advice on almost every subject - much appreciated! You've just made my life much easier with the approach you've taken with your star jasmine, & since we live fairly close to each other, it should work for me.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

You're very welcome! I find star jasmine to be a very low-maintenance plant--all I've ever done is prune it once a year if it was getting a little out of bounds and water it periodically.

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