I'm looking for an ID for these little hostas.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

I bought 'Gemini Moon' in 2008, I think. In 2009, I noticed two little plants at the side of it - similar colouring but different size and very different width margin. In 2011, I separated them.

I've concluded that there was something else mixed in with GM when I bought it. But what? Guesses so far are possibly one of the Tiaras. But what do you think?

Picture #1 was taken this year.

Picture #2 shows them under the edge of 'Gemini Moon' in 2009

Picture #3 is from early 2010 - the two small plants were unfurled long before GM

Picture #4 is from June 2010, showing them under the edge of GM.

Picture #5 is from 2011 after being separated from GM

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Port Moody, BC(Zone 8a)

Yes, possibly Golden Tiara, but perhaps they need to grow up a bit more for better ID?

Ottawa, Canada

ViolaAnn, here's a group of 'Golden Tiara's which started out as one plant. They have grown really fast. Your little ones look like GTs to me too.

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Oviedo, FL(Zone 9b)

Here's a picture of some of my Golden Tiara (the hosta on the left edge of the picture). You could use them for reference. They are as big as they ever get and could use some dividing up. I started with quart sized plants though, not little ones like yours and they were named when I bought them. They do look similar. I have not noticed them throwing seed however, just reproducing with more roots. You might try the American Hosta Society registry and measure the leaves and count the veins and whatnot to back up your possible id.

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Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

Irawon, I would like to know what is the blue flower in the right corner, is it in shade, it looks so nice, I am partial to blue flowers. Thanks. Etelka

Ottawa, Canada

Gardenmart, those are very nice looking hosta beds. My 'Golden Tiara' will require dividing this fall too.

Kiseta, I don't see that blue flowering plant in garden centers any more. It's a salvia called 'Blue Peter'. If I remember correctly it blooms late May/ early June and it tolerates some shade in my zone 5 garden. The blues that are blooming in my garden right now are the campanulas, blue clips and campanula perscicifolia as well balloon flower 'Sentimental Blue'. If you want to discuss blue flowers any further, I suggest that you start a new thread about blue companion plants for hostas.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Irene, remind me, if I ever get that way to see your garden, to bring leaves of these plants. Sandy saw them the other day and thinks 'Golden Tiara' is a good guess too. So, they are tentatively named GT.

Oviedo, FL(Zone 9b)

Thanks. The bulk of the picture are my mini hosta beds I haven't taken a picture of many of my hosta this year except for those beds as I have added some to them. The GT are in a larger bed that have daylilies, iris, columbine and a tree peony in it. they are the border. Haven't changed that bed since I put the tree peony in a couple years ago.

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