Will Persimmon tree that is grown from root bear fruit?

Burlington, MA

I have an 8-years old Japanese FUYU Persimmon Tree and it has many new plants from the root of this tree. I dug these young trees out from the large tree and replant them. I am wondering if these trees will bear fruits in the future. Someone told me that the trees that are grown from the root will never have fruits. Is that true?
Thanks for your answer.

Ellijay, GA

These plants will be the native American Persimmon. They will need a pollinator so the more you have the greater the chance of pollination.

Eugene, OR(Zone 7a)

Probably your Fuyu tree was grafted to either the D lotus rootstock, or the American Persimmon rootstock, or something specific to your area. So taking this start from the roots does not give you a Fuyu Persimmon. According to fruit writer Lee Reich, American Persimmon grown from seed rarely produces tasty fruits.

But you do have a free source of rootstock for grafting, and you have a tree you like that fruits as a source of scion wood. That could be really fun to learn about and play around with, unless you or the person you want to give it too is impatient for fruit. Cheers.

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