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Daylily seed starting

Warwick, RI(Zone 6b)

I have never started these from seeds...does anyone have experience.
My question is: if I get some now , can I plant them right away or should I refridgerate them for 5 weeks first them plant them in pots.?
Then how long will it take to mature to a flowering plant..will it be 3 years as I imagine..?
Thanks in advance...

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Hi Martha. Here is some info for you until someone with experience comes along. Hope these help.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Mine is this, if they are from commerce etc., a seed company, follow the directions The ones I bought from a seed company I put them in pots and started them like any other perennial.They grew and I had some, I lost most of them I don't currently recall how.
If from private trade your seeds are ,scarify them slightly, freeze them as you said,before planting. Small Daylilly seedlings resent being moved or joseld around,like good soil, and being kept in soil with good moisture content and medium holding capability. All I do with them anymore from my plants is scarify them and fall plant, if they grow ,they do if not oh well.....I still try sometimes with a few wild, hybrids, d'oro, that I have.

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