What is this on my Jade plants?

Providence, RI

So I've had this white sticky looking fuzz on my jade plants (and some of my other house plants). I've noticed it tends to sit on nodes of branches, and prefers succulent plants (my Adeniums too... R.I.P). I thought they were wooley aphids.

I have tried store bought sprays and even a spray made of soaked cigarettes. All seem to stave the infestation but it recurrs sadly...Any help?! What is going on?! HELPPPPP!!!

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Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Not sure if there might be other things going on too, but I see mealybugs. The most effective thing I've found to get rid of them is a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. Unfortunately like any pest they can come back, so you will need to keep monitoring for a while so you can catch them early.

Providence, RI

ecrane3, thank you. I will try your remedy!

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