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waterbed gardening-update

Kerrville, TX

Just as a are the three waterbeds previously mentioned. I can control the amount of water I give them up to one and a half inches as often as I like. Im only watering once a day now. Various size nursery containers sit in the beds and are bottom watered. I apply MG soluable fertilizer about once a week to the top of all pots. I could just easily fill the waterbeds with fertilized water and accomplish the same thing. I purposely selected various types of plants to put in the beds just to see what their reactions were. So far, all are happy. I recently added a sick looking forget me not flower and it has perked up and is looking better.

Second photo of the first table shows two 4 gallon containers which just completed an onion crop. There are quite a few one gallon Zinnia's and the little grey looking plant is Dittany of Crete oregano.

Third photo is side view of the first table showing the zinnias again........the tall ferny looking things are gonna be crazy daisy's.......I think but not sure. There is a blue forget me not in there also.

fourth photo is of table number two showing a cucumber plant. It is a poor photo but there is a cuke hanging almost to the ground and two more on the vine. Two cuke vines are beginning to produce more than we eat.

fifth photo is opposite side of table number two showing eggplants in a two gallon bucket. Also on the right is another 2 gallon still growing onions. The cucumber vine on the left has a begonia growing with it in a 2 gallon bucket. I broke off a piece of begonia and poked it in there and it rooted.

So far so good. I am thinking of converting all my 4x4 sq ft tables to waterbeds. I may throw some 2x4's on the ground and cover them with black trash bags and make some more water beds there also. Cant have too much of a good thing.

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