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Neat New Plants

Warrenton, VA

I go to nurseries after work allot to clear my head. Jeese! The amazing, new varieties...I cannot hardly figure out which direction to go in, or turn my head, as I love it ALL. The gnomes, the retro-whirley birds, the beautiful ceramic pots, the FOUNTAINS, and then, yes, the plants.
I just fell in love with something called a "Summer Chocolate" Mimosa. Have you seen this? It' so retro!

Well, I just had to have one, but wasn't happy at the ones I was looking at due to the chop job that was done on all of the choices by a sharp pair of pruners. Next nursery, there were some from the same grower, all with chop jobs. Asked a staffer about them, she glowed, said she had one, but "the tree rats have basically stripped the limbs off it." So, it is down on the ground, after the high expense of purchase, and the time gone by, and she has no beautiful Mimosa due to doggone squirrels.

Undaunted at this point, I asked her to find a nice one, but then, I looked down the trunks, while she said that they rarely live through the winter in pots at the nursery, and saw that they were grafted - so this could be a reason they have a hard time.
So now I am cooled off those special Mimosas, but then, there are some great new varieties of Crape Myrtle that I need to investigate..and I just bought a big Thunderhead Pine (could NOT resist - incredible price).

Kinda feel badly about the leggy, sickly-looking vegetables still unsold, you know?

Oh! If you feel bad about something, just get ye to the nursery, and buy something! Take something home that speaks to you, that needs a home - that's what I do! Honestly I am NOT crazy!

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

LOL. Not many here will argue with that last advice.
Chocolate Mimosa sounds feathery and dark leaves-- could be similar to that black lace Sambucus , looks awesome!.

It fun and exciting to grow something new.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Sorry, All!

I seldom "Feel sorry" enough for a plant to take it home....If it is not in A-condition--I do not want to
spend time to resurrect it so it will look good. Besides--I would, probably, have to buy it anyway.

Having worked in Garden Centers and Nurseries for about 30 years---I have NO need tor
plant pity. Why would I bring something home (for $$$) that I will have to nurse along until it looks OK???

Working with plants all the time--deadens one's need to "save"plants--as I am often throwing
100's of plants down the chute that are just out of bloom??? Nothing else wrong.

I am glad I do not work in a Grocery Store--especially in a sea-food department--
I would just DIE seeing loads of shrimp and sea food chucked just b/c of a sell-by date.
When I NEED some--I have to pay $$$$$ per pound to buy it.

I just cannot fathom all the waste in this country!!! AND--The stores are NOT allowed to give away food
to Soup Kitchens and the homeless for fear of someone getting sick and suing a Grocery Store....
YET! The homeless eat out of dumpsters and trash cans to subsist.

What's wrong with this picture??????????????????????????????

We are the most wasteful country in the world when t comes to food.

Nuff said!!!!

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

Gracye: I know what you mean -- many's the purchase I've made just "because"....

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

I picked up a nice Forest Pansy Redbud for my Parents house. Their neighbor had to cut down a tree that was near the property line and hung over my parents yard. They really miss that tree so I got them something to put in their yard. Fast growing and won't get very big. A few years ago I fell in love with a Tri-colored Beech, would have loved to put one in my yard but I hear they sunburn terribly and look awful come August. A friend of mine came home from a Plant Sale a few years ago and raved about the Chocolate Mimosa she saw there. Would have bought it but they weren't selling them they were just there to be picked up.

Warrenton, VA

Gita, I must have written incorrectly. I did not imply that whatever plant I take home is not in top shape, just that things have a way of letting me know that I need to take them home. Was in a fabric shop, looking at some very expensive silk taffetas, and the saleslady said I need to walk to another part of the shop, and the right one will call me back. She was right! She said "Let it speak to you." WOW, in a fabric shop! What wisdom!

So it is with plants. I do NOT buy those sickly plants, but I cannot help but feel badly for them, What a life! Just like, the day after Christmas, all those cut trees just laying around at the shops, dead, and not even a light on them! Sorry, but this is my soul, and I will forever feel empathy toward something grown in vain.

Wasn't it you who spoke about WASTE? We are of like mind!

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

With me it has always been "because I want" like the youngsters and the I pod, the cellphone,the computer, game system one, two, three , four, well by the time the third I pod is in use and there is enough gaming to keep everybody for a block a two dancing with a we( YES it meant the electronic device I am not doing commercials) If only my jolly wally had a dollar or plastic roll like that for plants!!!!......the kids would'nt be the only ones dancing with the we...

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