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Spots on the leaves

Eugene, OR

I recieved a beautiful Fuchsia basket from a local store. After about a week, I started seeing dark spots on the leaves. Then the leaves turned yellow and are falling off. Now there are several bare branches. What ever it is, does not seem to be spreading to other fuchia baskets.

Freedom, CA(Zone 9b)

Sounds like a fungus to me. It is hard to say without seeing it. I am guessing that you might be overwatering it. Or it could be continous cool damp weather. Fuchsias do not like dry soil, but in your climate, you might want to be careful not to get the foliage wet on overcast days or so close to sunset that the leaves won't have a chance to dry out before dark.

Dacula, GA(Zone 7b)

After three consective 100+ degree days, my fuchsia's leaves are wilting. I watered them every day. I think I might have over watered. The situation is getting worse even after I reduced the watering frequency to once every other day. Do they look like fungus infection? Do I need to treat it with fungicides?

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Freedom, CA(Zone 9b)

It looks like heat damage to me. They actually look very healthy! Other than the damage, I see new healthy growth. Even in the ground where they would have root systems larger than the plant above the surface, they can sustain damage in the heat. But fuchsias grow fast and as soon as weather cools down, they recover quickly. Your plants are in pots, so they are doing remarkably well in the heat. You have them in the shade, right? I would never try to grow them in pots out in the full sun in the heat. I do here in zone 9b, but not when the temps get into the 90's or 100's!
To make certain it isn't a fungus though, you need to look at the underside of the leaves. That is where you will see a fungus growing.

Dacula, GA(Zone 7b)

Thanks for the advice. I did not see fungus grow at the underside of the leaves but did treat it with rose spray for precautionary measure.

There was a stretch of week with temperature hover around 100 degree (without rain). After the temperature dropped down to low to mid 90s, some leave buds started to grow. They still look sick because they droped lots of leaves.

They grow in pots under a maple tree and received about two hours of early morning light. Even it's in the shade, the location is south facing and close to a gravel path. It can get quite hot during afternoon hours.

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