Aeschynanthus Hybrid - ID Please?

Alameda, CA(Zone 9b)

I obtained this plant 3 years ago from Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses. It was only labeled "Aeschynanthus - Lipstick Plant". I'd appreciate any information anyone here could provide. Is it a hybrid of A. tricolor?

Thumbnail by atisch
Chicago, IL(Zone 6a)

The only Aeschynanthus species that I can think of that has been relatively frequently used in hybridizing and that also has the green, relatively tight calyces is Aeschynanthus pulcher. Therefore, this plant could very well be one of its hybrids.

A. tricolor has wider, almost bowl-shaped calyces that normally are a maroon/reddish color.

To make matters worse, the genus Aeschynanthus is currently under taxonomic revision....


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