Euky Dwarf

Rome, Italy(Zone 10a)

Does anybody know at what age I can expect my Euky Dwarf gum to flower? It's growing well, about 2 metres tall now. Thanks in advance!

noonamah, Australia

Do you know which species it is?

Clifton Springs, Australia

Without knowing which one you have, if it's the grafted one that we have will flower any time now...
I have a 3 of them, E.ficifolia x E.ptychocarpa hybrids grafted on to a fast growing rootstock.....they are sold as dwarf because they only get to about 3/4 mts......they are in flower at about a metre....I had an orange flowered one that grew so quickly it didn't flower until it was as tall as yours.

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Rome, Italy(Zone 10a)

Thanks very much folks! I bought it at a garden centre outside Melbourne and it was labelled Euky Dwarf and that's about all, I think. It's a bit spindly, probably because it only gets direct sun in the morning. Could I prune it sometime to make it bushier? Cheers!

Clifton Springs, Australia

And here's me thinking that you bought it in will be the same as mine.
You can prune it but it is probably looking for the sun........mine have always grown in full sun...
Don't give up on it, some of them take a while to settle in...

Rome, Italy(Zone 10a)

Thanks Seachanger, your replies seem to have reached the Euky, there are some very different buds growing on it now, I'd swear they are flowers. Yippee!

I've got to prune a Cocculus laurifolius which blocks some sunlight, care to come and give me a hand? ;)) It's warmer here than in Melbourne now!

All the best, Sue Webster

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

I purchased a small one in 2007 and kept in a 24'' pot, but nothing really eventuated,.,last year, i thought it had died, so i started cutting back to realise it still had some healthy stems,.,.after a hefty haircut, it has never looked so good and i am positive it will flower this year

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