Is Pothos Vine poisonous to cats?

Maple Lake, MN

After reading that most parts of Pothos are poisonous, I'm wondering if that includes animals, or just humans? What I read wasn't specific, and I just brought home some cuttings from my cousin's house. I'd like to know if I have to make sure the plant will be above my cats' reach, or if it's only a problem for humans.

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

In large doses. See here: (Google is your friend!)

Maple Lake, MN

That too, refers to humans. It doesn't say anything about animals. There are many things that are toxic to cats, that aren't to humans, and I can only suppose the reverse is also true. It would be really helpful if someone who has had a cat that chewed on their Pothos could tell me what the result was. Perhaps I'd be better off posting this question on a cat lovers forum? Thanks anyway, tommyr2006 :o).

ps - I prefer Yahoo, except for maps.

Saugerties, NY(Zone 5a)

Better late than never with a reply, the cat I have now (she's 14) chewed on one of my pothos when she was a kitten and never to this day has she ever made an attempt to touch it again, so it must have tasted really nasty is my guess, HOWEVER she will eat a parlor palm in a day given the chance, cats are crazy creatures to say the least.

Maple Lake, MN

Thanks Jasminesmom - that's just the kind of info I was looking for. :o) And you're absolutely correct about cats - they can be just plain weird! Dogs are so much easier to understand.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

ASPCA lists it as toxic to cats

Hometown, IL(Zone 5a)

It may be toxic, but I have yet to run into the cat that can keep it down long enough to hurt themselves. *Yuck*

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