Early Blight on tomato plants. How can I save what I have?

Charlotte, NC

I have early blight on my tomato plants. I have treated the leaves with a copper fungicide and have cut off the infected leaves. The blight has affected all 6 tomato plants (big boys, romas). I have tried to add better soil around the plant and have added in a table spoon for each plant of E.B. Stone Organic tomato and vegetable food (4.0 nitrate, 5.0 phosphate, 3.0 potash, 9.0 calcium, 1.0 sulfur). I also cut off the lower branches of tomato plants but this was done recently. We have had a lot of rain and the soil has splashed on the tomato plants. I noticed that the blossoms are drying up and falling off. I have about 40+ tomatoes on the plants. I would like to save as many as possible. I think the problem is in the soil. All the plants in the garden look less healthy than my garden last year. I got a ton of garden soil from a rock soil distributor. At first the soil looked good but after a few hard rainfalls I didn't like the way the soil looked. It seemed dry though there was compost in it. I plan on adding our own compost when it is ready. Any suggestions as far as how to get healthier soil for next year? Thanks

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