Natural color or caused by growth in the shade?

Windsor, CA(Zone 9b)

This Echinopsis was hidden under a Buddleia (I knew it was there but forgot about it and didn't even know it had two buds). Today it jumped out at me screaming for attention. Whoa, what a gorgeous color(s). At first it looked like a peony that I have. Also I had a white Echinopsis flower, we have been having a heat wave. And another reddish one which didn't open all the way due to the heat, I suppose. Xuling

Thumbnail by xuling Thumbnail by xuling
Windsor, CA(Zone 9b)

Here are the red and white Echinopsis (is that word singular and plural?) Xuling

Thumbnail by xuling Thumbnail by xuling
Perth, United Kingdom(Zone 7b)

That cactus looks a bit off colour around the growing point, probably didn't get enough sun. But it might well be that it flowered better in shade, hot sun shortens the life of flowers.

Windsor, CA(Zone 9b)

the red one and some other plants were hidden under a Salvia that had spread all over. I forgot they were there. When I pruned back the Salvia I uncovered the red one, so its growing point is light green and I think the flower, which never fully opened, was overwhelmed by the heat. Xuling

Sun Lakes, AZ(Zone 9a)

The red one probably was overwhelmed by the heat. It happens to me all the time at this time of year, especially with Echinopsis. Very frustrating to me.

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