ANSWERED: Concerned after repotting.

Great Falls, MT

So, I have a Majesty Palm that a took off my sisters hands because she couldn't seem to keep it alive. All of the plants I own are of the tropical (palm or cactus nature). So after a while of bringing the plant back to health it was having issues with root rot because when my sister planted she just assumed it was like any plant and would be fine in regular soil sitting at the bottom of a planter.

So from there I decided to repot it in the same pot that it was in because it didn't appear to be having issues with size. I put some gravel in the bottom to allow the water to run past that and out the holes and also planted it with "Citrus, Palm, and Cactus" quick draining soil.

And this is where I ran into the issue, now that I've re-potted it the very upper most part of the roots are showing and i'm concerned this will have adverse affects on the plant. Here are a few pictures, let me know what you all think.

I want this plant to continue to grow.

Thanks in advance guys!

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