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Bermuda Grass in Iris bed

Clovis, NM(Zone 6a)

I have Bermuda grass in my Iris bed..........Is Grass-B-Gon safe for the iris or is there something safer out there, even a home remedy that would work. I really don't want to risk the iris, they were planted years ago by my father, and pulling the grass out has become a huge chore that never seems to work.

Rolesville, NC(Zone 7b)

Unfortunately there is no chemical that will kill the bermuda without killing the iris. Bermuda is a very hard to kill grass that requires repeated applications of a cocktail of chemicals just to put a dent in it (other than Brush Killer, of course). There is a product called Over-the-Top that is labeled for killing grasses in perennial beds but it will only knock the bermuda back, not kill it. Sorry :(

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

If the grass isn't too wide spread in the bed, you can use a small paintbrush and Grass-B-Gone in a small container and paint the Bermuda grass. It will take more than one application, but the only other alternatives i know of are to dig out the Bermuda or dig up the irises and treat the bed with Round-up. 8-(

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