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treatment advice for a HUGE scale infestation

Melbourne, Australia

Hi All,

Im trying to treat a large (5m high) Bay Laurel tree for what appears to be a complete scale infestation (as in, im pretty sure that the entire tree is badly affected)

I have just given it a massive formative prune - removing probably close to a third of all the outer growth to a standard shape, as well as removing some of the inner central branches to increase airflow and light levels inside the canopy.
Its early winter here, although so far its been fairly mild, but Im hoping that as it gets colder, the drier air and lower temps. will put a dent in the scale epidemic now that the tree has been pruned.

Im also planning on spraying the entire tree with a white oil type spray and ill probably do it once a week for 4-5 weeks.

Just wondering, will all this be enough?
Should I maybe nuke the tree with something systemic first? Suggestions on chems? Imidalcropid?

I know they're not the prettiest trees in the world, but they're certainly a lot nicer when they're not covered in scaley crap and looking sickly ;-)

thanks in advance

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