Stretching $$ - Rethnking What I Know

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

I was sure we already had a thread for money saving tips, but I can't seem to find it, so I'm starting a new one. In particular, I'm looking for new ways to shave a little (or a lot) off my expenses. I'm going to share some things I've been doing, and I hope you will share your ideas as well.

Most recently, after weeks of grocery store sticker shock, I've been challenging myself to try to use every bit of what I buy (at the grocery store). I'm challenging myself to reconsider what I've always known to be true about what is edible and what isn't. I'm now looking at the food I cook in a new light, questioning whether I can find tasty ways to eat parts I had previously considered inedible. I'm NOT going to eat anything that I don't truly enjoy, but for the 1st time I'm going to think about ways to prepare and use those 'unusable' parts instead of just tossing them as I've always done w/o even questioning the behavior. My goal now is to use 100% of what I purchase (or grow if I ever get my garden going again). I know I won't likely achieve the goal of 100% utilization, but already I've found surprising ways to eat and enjoy some things I had been tossing all my life - and I've only just begun.

Why not come along with me. Share some of your ideas and consider trying a few of mine. Who knows. You may also find some favorites among the things you've been tossing. You may not agree with all of my ideas, and that's ok, too. I invite you to share not only your ideas but also your thoughts on mine - and if you find something you like, let me know that, too. Some ideas may work out. Others probably won't, but we'll never know for sure until we try.

(I have to get to work right now, but I'll be back later to start posting some of my ideas. Also, please excuse the rather gratuitous picture of my cat sleeping. I had chosen a photo to post. Then when I changed my mind, the app refused to let me cancel the picture unless I replaced it with another, so that's how we ended up with this pic of Kitty added to appease the app so I could upload my post.)

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