mashed up dead japanese beetles to repel japanese beetles?!

Byron Center, MI

A master gardener just told me that an effective way to control japanese beetles is to collect (a significant number), drown them and then mash them up. The next step is to add waterto the pureed beetles and spray. It is said that newcoming beetles can smell trouble. LOL and stay clear.

Has anyone heard of this? Also since it would take a significant quantity of beetles (30-40), is there a place that sells them?
I would love to hear if anyone has any experience with this. Thanks!

Richmond, TX

It would certainly repel me! I have not heard of this technique, but it sounds logical.

Sherrill, NY(Zone 5a)

It wouldn't take that long to get 30-40 of them here! Ugh..just saw my first and it was early! A few yers ago I did leave a bucket of dead ones next to a rose and it did seem to repel them. It did repel me too though as it didnt smell pretty!

Albany, ME(Zone 4b)

I remember long ago blending up some sort of bug for repellant, but it wasn't Japanese beetles. They're so crunchy, it would take a long time to strain the juice. And it just feels yucky. But something's got to give. My yellow roses are eaten up in August as soon as they open. I do use Bayer Rose and Flower, but if it kills them, it doesn't do it fast enough.

Any other thoughts on Japanese beetles?

Albany, ME(Zone 4b)

Quote from LAS14 :
I do use Bayer Rose and Flower, but if it kills them, it doesn't do it fast enough.

Well, maybe this time it's working. My pink bonica has lots of flowers that look fine except for the trademark JB holes on the outside petals. No bugs, though. And there were only two on my yellow Sky's the Limit. My Golden Wings doesn't seem protected, but it's pretty big. Maybe I should have added another capful of Bayer.

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

I have read that if you want to minimize the number of beetles that you have you should do two things: clip off any nibbled foliage and remove the dead bodies. Apparently both things attract them.

I can't really judge this year. I used spinosad on some of my plants because I was trying to find a viable alternative to the Bayer (which is a great product) , but we also had a drought last year, which means that a lot of the little buggers died as grubs. Only once did I see the dreaded (pardon me) japanese beetle gang bang where a bunch of them are disgustingly doing their thing.

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