Planting a Thunderhead Pine where Old Lilacs Last Year

Warrenton, VA

I want to plant a Thunderhead Pine where Hubby and I removed most (but not all-all those suckers!) of the old Lilacs that grew on our property. The Lilacs were very old, diseased (had the Lilac Fungus and Borers), and were in general badly neglected. They had just a few blooms, on the larger suckers, and inside the "Lilac Forest," the original crowns looked "petrified."

We bought a special, large, Thunderhead Pine (two people can BARELY pick it up-container is probably 10 gallons) and wish to plant it on the same ground but we are concerned that this ground is not really healthy, but IT LOOKS healthy! And Lilacs and Pines are pretty much this shouldn't be a problem, but before we dig that HUGE HOLE...


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