How to care for a Snake Plant,

Hastings, FL(Zone 9a)

I was recently given a plant that was flowering in beautiful bright orange. At first I kept it inside but when I learned it is poisonous if ingested (and I have young animals here) I planted it outside in partial afternoon sun.
The plant wilted terrible so I dug it up and put it back in the pot it came in.
It seems it is in shock and drooping, flowers turning dark.
I believe I need to prune off the flowers.
Question: how do I prune this plant/take off the flowers that are done blooming?
Will it grow back in the winter if I prune it and keep it indoors in an afternoon sun window?
Any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance for any insights and help :-)

Hastings, FL(Zone 9a)

It is also called Sun Star and plantfiles lists it as Ornithogalum dubium.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Anytime you're going to take an indoor plant and plant it outside, you need to adjust it gradually to the higher light levels outdoors. Real sunlight is way brighter than anything it gets indoors, so even if it is only in part sun it needs to be worked up to that gradually or else it can sunburn. Also, whenever you transplant something into the garden even if it's been properly adjusted to outdoor light, it can suffer transplant shock and planting during hot summer weather makes the shock even worse. Symptoms of sunburn typically take a little time to show up so most likely the wilting, etc that you're seeing is a result of transplant shock, but don't be surprised if you start to notice some bleached out areas on the leaves that eventually turn brown--that is sunburn. Since you've already dug it up, I'd probably keep it in the pot either on a shaded patio if you want it outside or else indoors again until you get cooler weather in the fall and can plant it outside.

Hastings, FL(Zone 9a)

Thanks! You are totally right, of course :-) It wilted and drooped so I did bring it in. I heard that when the flowers were done blooming that I should remove them at the bottom so I did that. It looks like a sort of bulb style root so am I correct in that it will come back next year? (or even this summer/fall). Right now it is back on the kitchen window sill which gets afternoon sunlight.
I hope it flowers again!

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