Potted million bells dying !

Montgomery, TX

Can someone please tell me why all my potted million bells are dying ?

I have them all in pots, some are planted by theirselves, and others in the bottom of my Hibiscus tree pots, they were so perfect and beautiful ! It rained all day on Friday, and the next day they looked wilted and then all died. Last month I had some die, I think from root rot, because the soil was holding too much moisture. So I made sure not to let that happen this go around ! But they died :-( anyway, please help?

Jennifer in Texas

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Too much water can certainly kill plants so if you know you had some die last month from root rot and you had an episode of too much moisture from rain recently and that caused them to wilt and then die then I suspect too much water is probably to blame. Do you have any that aren't completely dead yet that you could post some pictures of? It would also help to know how much you've been watering and what sort of pots they're in (do they have drainage holes, etc)

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

That's what I was going to ask...is there drainage holes in the container?

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