Honeysuckle does not bloom

Montgomery, TX

Planted it two tears ago last spring. Vines (or runners- not sure of terminology!) out the wazoo. More of them than I can count, at least 10 feet long. But dadblastit, not one single flower ever. Thought since it grew like crazy it was doing well. Nice & green, no insect pests, looks great, but missing those sweet smelling little flowers. Any ideas?

(Zone 7a)

Perhaps it isn't old enough. Some plants take awhile before they bloom. Some take awhile to establish a good root system before they bloom. too.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I agree, could be it's not old enough-some things don't really get going until they've been in the ground ~3 yrs or so. But all the green growth makes me wonder if maybe it's also gotten a bit too much fertilizer? Too much nitrogen can stimulate green growth at the expense of blooms. I'd also look at how much sun it gets--too much shade could also prevent blooming.

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