SUMMER..What's happening in your neck of the woods???

Victoria Harbour, ON

We moved from here

Here we are, is it not the first day of summer today, ahhh perhaps tomorrow

Storms blew in yesterday, thinking they are calling for same tomorrow..lordy Sailor hates thunder and lightning!!!

The weather forecast for today is 78 humidity and will feel like 91..thank goodness for a/c!

Not sure what I've done to my phlox but they have a blight, could be the watering then humidity..that they do not like..

Been tired, not that I have been doing much, which I haven't, been rather dizzy of late maybe that's why..both Monday and Tuesday night I've been dozing off/on on the chesterfield, wake and go to bed only to fall right back to sleep..the meds might be adding to my laziness..

Come hell or high water I MUST get a few projects sewn tonight and in the mail tomorrow

Yikes "M" not a great smell, poor Pipher and poor you!!

You sure have bit hit with rain..terrible the damage in your area..

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Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Thanks for the move.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Thanks for 'movin us on over' Betty ..
Sorry to hear about your Phlox, but, I think your diagnosis is correct .. humidity may not be their friend ..
Re the dizziness .. do you think it could be 'heat related' .. if you take a blood pressure med being out in the heat is a juggling act at times.

The rain persists here, in buckets at time, and, accompanied by thunder .. BIG kabooms !! Poor Piper .. he has had so much stress in the last 24hours, he sure didn't need the thunder too.
Some secondary highways are closed here due to wash outs, and, 300 miles south of us in Duluth MN they are in bad shape with flooding and road closures. In fact, if you get to the border crossing near TBay, it's likely you will be turned back to Canada .. incredible ..

Attaching a pic of my Peony that bloomed a day or so ago .. was sure I had posted it on here, but think it was FaceBook ..

Take care everyone


PS .. Lorna found out today she has a tear in the meniscus of her right knee. She is being fast tracked for surgery on it .. it would be day surgery .. just worried about her having to come off her blood thiner .. life is always so interesting !!!

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all, will prove to be another high temp day, we did ask for this when the snow was falling did we not?

"M" sorry to hear about Lorna's torn SIL who travels with me from time to time is bothered by much the same but they cannot do a thing for her..she wears a strap to help and cannot walk with ought it.
She will not this year be able to join us because of difficulty in walking and pain. Sure hooe they can help Lorna out and quickly.

My peony are all done, must deadhead..such beautiful flowers but they sure do die off quickly!

Guess with all the rain "M" you aren't able to work a lot in the gardens??

Just got in from watering and feeding back gardens, I sure do have a wild look out there.

Must ask, are your gardens manicured or English country?? I admire those who have the manicured look but i seem to keep planting so must like helter skelter.

Think I best get a move on

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Chuckling here Betty .. MANICURED is a bit of a stretch to describe my gardens .. mine are a bit WILD AND GNARLY right now, with all the rain it has been close to impossible to get into them and WEED them. The Crown Vetch (nasty little beggar) is literally MOCKING me as it encroaches on my perennials, wraps itself around them and pulls them down .. man .. NEVER will I EVER use horse maneur again .. that's where the weeds came from 4 or 5 years ago .. uphill battle between them and me since then.

Lorna is NOT happy re her knee .. all we can do is ask questions and become informed .. since it is the ONLY leg she has, it MUST be taken care of in a timely and efficient fashion .. and .. SAFE !!!

Off to get a haircut today .. my gardens are not the only thing looking 'wild and gnarly', my hair is pretty goofy and my granddaughters grade 8 grad is just around the corner.

Partly sunny here today .. may be more rain later on, had the dogs out around 6am .. have to say it felt like an October morning out there ..

Take care all



Betty - I would have to say my garden is pretty wild.......... not manicured at all, including my back yard which hasn't been mowed at all! I don't go there often, and no one else can see it, so I'm not worried...........
I would like one of those English Herb gardens. They're planted so precisely, and I can't remember the name of the style of them, but it's a lot of work....

oooooooooh Lorna ...... yes, timely and SAFE is the way we want to go.
M - do you want "The Ark" yet? I don't remember if you took it, or who has it....

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

No ARK required here, but 300 miles South of us in Duluth they could use a few .. Thunder Bays 'Sister City' in Minnesota is now in a state of emergency re flash flooding .. they got it worse than we did 2 weeks ago .. the pics are unreal !!

Hair is cut, I think I'll pass inspection now LoL

Has Carol's obit been in the paper in Calgary ?

Susan, I guess you get to meet Ann tomorrow ?

Best rattle some pots and pans ..



I don't take the newspaper, but one of the elders in the Church said she'd be on the watch for the obit.

Yes, I'm going to her DH's aunt's memorial. Hope to have a bit of time to chat with Ann afterwards, but not sure what the family will be doing. It's not my intention to intrude, certainly, but hope we may be able to go for a short coffee time.

I just got some potentially Great News!!
Don't know if anyone here remembers me saying about how our roof is leaking, and it's caused by the shifting of the block, on the NE side of our mobile. The property is owned by the City, and we pay rent each month. I maintain that the property has caused the block to shift, and when I called. the Management Office for the property they (Gus) said this: "It's your responsibility to get the block reset/raised" and "You're going to be moving in 2 years - why not leave it the way it is?". Well, when our den ceiling is separating from the wall and therefore letting water in the wall (it's been raining a LOT lately - even bubbling up some of the drywall to 5 ft from the ceiling), I'm NOT a "happy camper".
About 3 weeks ago I sent an email to our Alderman's office outlining how I felt that, as the City is closing this park in a few years, the City is leaving the park get neglected. They will "shortly" be handing the reins over to another company to own it when the Park is moved to the other side of the city. A week and a half ago I got an email from our Alderman's assistant saying they are looking into this for us.
Now - here comes the GOOD part - I just got a call from Gus (City Property Manager for this Park), and he said they'd like to come out and see what's causing the mobile to shift, and will be bringing an independent person as well. They'll be taking pictures, etc.
All they need from us is to make sure there's access to the underside of the mobile at that point. The appointment is for Monday at 10am

It would be nice if not only they determine the property shift is causing the moving of the block,and therefore the separation between wall and ceiling, but also fix the subsequent damage (and rot - which has been confirmed) to the roof and interior! Leaving this for much longer may mean we have no den. Frankly, we live 50% of our time in here, on the computers, or in the sewing area of the room LOL

Victoria Harbour, ON

That is potentially good news Susan, I'd be concerned about mold..who knows you might get major work done.

Did see that on the news and another rain front moving in I think.

I had to sto driving for about 1/2 hr, torrential rain, lightning and thunder and high winds..looking at the sky I'd say we are in for much the same, sky is darkening.

Did want to deadhead the hanging plants and try to revive a few lol but it will have to wait until tomorrow..

Didn't sleep well so hot bath, early night seems like the plan.


Betty - let the winds and rain deadhead AND water your hanging baskets lol It's the way I do mine!! (not really, but it Does sound like a good idea, albeit flawed ......... lol )

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

We are in Calgary. About 5:15 when we got the rental car, but we did an excursion in the airport because there is a shop that sells good slippers. Mine (London Fog which I though was a good name) have a rubbery plastic on the soles which is falling apart. So I bought a pair.

We went out for dinner - found a lovely restaurant which turned out to be connected to the Hyatt Hotel. Then were heading to the Bay to get a tie for DH - he forgot his, but we found Winners first and found a great tie inexpensively. He would never had gone into Winners if I hadn't been along.

There is a lunch following the service tomorrow and I don't know what other family commitments other than a dinner in the evening.

I've only been to Calgary a couple of times since DMIL died in 2001 and I can't remember the occasions. But I'm very impressed with the way Calgary has kept some of the character of its original city core.


lol on Winners!! Yes, London Fog is a good name for any clothing!
Whatever time you have to spend together, you and I Ann, will be wonderful!
I love some of Calgary's old heritage buildings, but they don't have that many - The Chamber Of Commerce is one, and Lougheed House is another. There used to be 7 mansions in Calgary, now however only one.
I would imagine Ottawa has a lot of heritage buildings, doesn't it?

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all, hoping humidity has broken and nothing but a sunny day! Working from home today so will be a leisurely day, got to love Friday's!

ViolaAnn, not the best of days for you but always nice to meet up with family members not seen in years. I've never had luck at Winners, always feel its for a younger generation.

Susan, wish deadheading was that easy. Lol
Hope all goes well for you on Monday morning. Would imagine the move lays heavy on your mind.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

WHAT IS that bright YELLOW orb in the sky?? I do believe it's the SUN .. albeit a few clouds scudding by it, but, it looks as though it will be a banner day.

Glad you made it to Calgary Ann .. and I do so hope your day goes well.

I'm off to visit my Hospice client, and pick up dry cleaning ..




Betty - we're going over to Nami's place on Saturday to help her sort through stuff she hasn't been able to sell, then I'm going over on Sunday to clean her place. Landlord won't come over until it's cleaned, and between now and then I'm going to be a bit busy. She will too, of course, as she's a music teacher. I just want to help her get started with her new life the best way I can. She's like a little sparrow - overwhelmed by all that's happening in her life. As she said "I've gotten so used to Calgary, and going back to Asia is scary". But, she'll have her Zachary with her, and that's a GOOD thing. I am so happy for them.

I'm really looking forward to meeting Ann, and hope I can find her at the memorial. Ann - I'll be the "odd one out that no one recognizes" LOL
Maybe I should wear a rose from my garden (grin)

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

So Susan, did you wear a Rose ^_^
Hope you were able to meet Ann.
Is your friend going to Asia 'by choice' .. must say it wouldn't be my first choice of places to go, but, some folks LOVE it .. with me it's the BUGS and creepy crawlies LoL

Looks to be a nice day here .. lotsa grass cutting and trimming to do, and laundry.
DGD was admitted to hospital last evening .. she has had a temp of 103F off and on for a week .. so, her doc just finally said into hosp you go .. my son says it's just for a 24 hour period .. to give her IV antibiotics .. all I know is Brooklyn must be frantic as her grade 8 grad is coming up on June 27th .. and she has a brand new outfit for it and is receiving an award .. here's hoping it's something fixable !!

Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend


Pic of Brooklyn and Smokey attached ^_^

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Victoria Harbour, ON


Gorgeous weather here as well, like you "M" I'm waiting for the clock to move to 9am then will start cutting grass and trimming..bought a gas trimmer about 3 weeks ago and didn't use it, let's hope I can remember what Greg showed me.

ahh how right you are, Brooklyn must be frantic..wouldn't want to miss graduation for sure..what a gorgeous young woman she is..

How's Lorna making out?

With a bunch of Dg members arriving Thursday for 4 or 5 days we want a fire and the pit is full, perhaps that is something I can get done while neighbors sleep.. I'll burn and ashes should be ok to get rid of on Monday especially as it will rain tomorrow..

Odd to make myself do something than sitting here sipping coffee, listening to the crow, listening to sounds of the water features and admiring the gardens

Enjoy your day,,

Thoughts od Carol this morning


Marilyn - yes, met Ann - forgot the rose in the car until afterwards, and of course it was wilted by then lol
yes, Nami's going by choice - her fiance lives there, and she's Japanese so she's familiar with it. She does say that she's nervous going but happy to be with Zach, and that she's gotten used to Calgary.........
Her family, in Japan, say she Has to come see them!!
I told her she may not like it for the Tsunamis.........

Victoria Harbour, ON

love will conquer all Susan, I'm sure she'll be happy but sorry you are losing a friend

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Killing time at Calgary airport. We had to be here quite early to return the rental car on time, but our flight is also delayed an hour, giving us about 3 hours to wait here. We had lunch with some good friends that we've met through DH's work and then dropped in on Violist this afternoon before heading to the airport. I was delighted to finally meet Theresa in person - she was far too busy when she was in Ottawa adjudicating at the Kiwanis Music Festival a couple of months ago.


Oh Ann! So good you met Theresa!! She's so much fun, and I really liked meeting her and seeing her garden (she called it a "work in progress" and had Such plans for it when I was there.

I'm back, after a very busy day of helping Nami pack, and try to sell things. She gave so many things to us, and tomorrow she's renting a truck (it's supposed to rain, and our open truck won't do - so she's getting a 14' closed truck) and Bob's going to put the remainder that doesn't sell in storage at our Church for awhile. Hopefully it will sell there.... or on Kijiji or Craigslist where I posted ads.
She's so anxious about going to Malaysia - her fiancÚ Zachary only moved there 3 weeks ago, and doesn't have anything in the way of furniture or anything else (no linen, cooking implements......... nothing!!)

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Lordie Susan .. I sure do hope and pray that Nami is UP for this adventure, as Betty said .. 'LOVE conquers all' ..

Nice to hear about 'DGers' meeting one another ^_^

Things here remain in a state of semi turmoil :-(
Brooklyn is awaiting a CT Scan .. she remains in hospital and is looking so forlorn, of course, since it's a weekend, MANY depts are closed !!!
She is fretting re her grad on Wed. feel so bad for her, and hate watching my son having to go through this rough spot .. all comes along with being a parent though.

Going to a laundromat around 8am to re wash the clothing that never rinsed yesterday because my washing machine decided to call it quits .. again .. nobody works at Whirlpool on the weekend .. makes my blood pressure rise when I think about the inconvenience this is causing us.

Have yard work to do, hopefully 'get at it' later today before we go to the hospital ..


Pic of Ms B in her room ..

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning, rain is on its way, was hoping it would wait until later in the day but what it does is save me from watering gardens.

Poor Ms B, from the photo's she seems to take it in her stride, look at the sure even if the findings meant she had to be in the hospital for a bit they would give her a pass for graduation would they not?

Susan, likely you will be tired and achy bones from all that physical labor..ouch..
Tomorrow is your bib day, so hoping the municipality sees they are at fault and repairs start immediately and not have to go through the municipal system.

Think I'd best put all the outdoor cushions/covers under the gazebo, can feel the rain

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Did you get the rain Betty? Happy to say we didn't .. but .. it was a cooler type of day .. had the windows all opened and aired the house out.

Bad experience at the laundromat first thing this morning .. takes ALL kinds to make this world of ours go around, too bad there are some with such thick heads and NO MANNERS whatsoever !!!!!
Suffice to say, we had to drive an extra 20k INTO the city to re wash the basket of wet laundry that came from KAPUT washer ..

Went for breakfast following and then to the hospital to see B. The doc came in, and he is promising her either a discharge, OR, a pass for her grad on Wednesday .. YAY .. she is so excited .. her temp remains elevated at times, the thinking is tonsillitis .. but .. CT Scan and Nuclear medicine tomorrow ..
Poor Austin, he's missing his big sister ..

Got more pruning done, and trimming .. AND, the DayLilies WILL bloom .. I had thought the deer had eaten the buds, looked really well today, and, there they were ^_^

Susan .. are you a hurtin unit today ?



Victoria Harbour, ON


We had a steady light rain all day, gardens will be happy.
Had visitors off and on so couldn't get into much.

Laundromats, sorry your experience wasn't the best at the local one but you got to go for breakfast, saved you cooking.

Fantastic news about Ms B, am sure the doctor realized just how important her graduation is,,Noah graduates this evening!

Here's hoping her difficulty is nothing more serious than tonsillitis..easy fix right.

I have one daylilly on the side of the house in bloom, others in back gardens are in shade so likely won't bloom for a bit.

Been a long night, almost tempted to get up..makes for a long day though


Nope, not hurting - feeling rather good to move my body this much, actually. Was a bit extra tired last night, but good now.
Waiting for City - they said 10am, then called at 9:15 and busy in meetings, so going to be 10:45. I told them I'd dock their pay by that much ROFL

Got an interview with suburban office of OfficeTeam - they're looking to place me in a position. Hope it's at least long term contract (1 year?!?!)

Victoria Harbour, ON

Eventually you are going to hit on a job Susan.
Municipalities don't act fast, likely they will have to discuss and bring to a meeting before you get a real answer to yay/nay


yup, I know that Betty - they need to check their budget, conceivability, their "wish list" of whether they "wish" to do it or not......etc etc

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Will be everso HAPPY when all the KABANG, KABOOM, SCREECH, BEEP BEEP BEEP is over with .. our Municipality got funding to fix the flood damage, and today is FIX UP day out on the road in front of our home .. it's a bit away, but, sounds like it's in the next room.

DGD is looking better, one more set of tests and they may SPRING her .. she's so happy about that ..
Me as well, I'm looking forward to the graduation more than her I think LoL

27C here today, with a lovely breeze ..

Off to put some chicken on the barbie


Victoria Harbour, ON

"M"' I could almost turn the furnace on tonight..

Just got n from Noah's graduation..his class are now on the Miss Midland doing a night cruise..they are all wound up lol. If I get a chance later I will post a photo

Glad they got funding for the flood damage..will put contractors to work..they did not call for rain today but it did..won't have to water the gardens, me less thing to do..

Dg Sistah's start arriving Wednesday..really, gardens are done, I keep ontop of my housework so no work there..can't wait..yikes I'm so excited I was up just after 3am and didn't get to bed. I should be tired but am not

What is the verdict on your washer??

Right now I'm hungry, pork and bean sandwich ill have for supper, healthy meal right?


wow - a night cruise! I remember those on the Red River - very nice dinner/dance cruise.

Only thing good about floods is it gives some people work............ surely nothing else is good about it. Hope no one has permanent damage to their homes.....

I can "feel" your excitement through the screen Betty!!!
Never had a pork & bean sandwich - sounds like you'll need a lot of napkins lol

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

I wish you SUNNY skies, and FRAGRANT breezes while your DG Sistahs visit Betty. I must say I would be MEGA excited as well !!
Heck, I was almost turned upside down excited with the GNOMES LoL
Enjoy the time shared.

Susan, Thunder Bay and s few outlying municipalities were deemed 'disaster areas' following the flood almost 3 weeks ago. So .. we got both Provincial and Federal funding .. out this way it is mostly the road washouts being repaired .. in the city it's repairs to homes, especially basements which got extensive damage from raw sewage backing up :-(
Now I see BC is having flooding problems in the SE .. really gives ya pause for thought !!

The cruise on the lake sounds perfect, something Noah and his classmates will remember always :-)

Never had a pork and bean sandwich, but, as I hear it, beans of any sort are good for ya ^_^

We ended up at Lorna's docs appt one day EARLY, so, will try again today .. jeeze, so many appts it seems .. at least it wasn't LATE.!

Hoping DGD is discharged today .. would make my day .. shoot, it'd make everyones day !!



Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning, brrrr it's a chilly one, almost tempted to put the heat on here in the office..from one extreme to the other.

Sure hope "M" you didn't have a long drive to Lorna's appt. ahhhh too bad they could not have seen you a day early, perhaps doctor wasn't in?

Spit out my coffee laughing, excited about the gnomes..they were an important visitor in my neck of the woods as well, my kids thought I was off my rocker but even they participated and welcomed them..spend Christmas with me.

Victoria Harbour, ON

My little guy..

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Victoria Harbour, ON

one more

Thumbnail by Bettypauze
Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Just WONDERFUL pics Betty .. the resemblance between you and Noah is SO there !!!!
Beautiful ^_^



Marilyn - yes, I remember you weren't able to get down your driveway for the flooding! and those pictures you posted...... yikes!
One day early for appointment, and usually have to wait 2 hours past app't time - geeze, you were trying to "jump the line" eh? lol

Betty - Noah is surely Your DGS! The resemblance is uncanny! How wonderful that he had such a great Graduation. How was the cruise?

Victoria Harbour, ON

Didn't get to speak with him this morning..think Greg and the boys are dropping in later this evening, am sure they did

Victoria Harbour, ON

Meant to mention, I've a photo when I get home to's Noah's teacher, he did the graduation speach via a taped it was being played he was having brain surgery. He was biking and fell a few weeks ago and when they did the tests, found an anerysm that could be fatal at any time..many of the students/parents had tears knowing that he wasn't there and listening to him via tape.


It's sad for the students - hope the aneurysm was found quickly enough and that they can do everything for it......
That's scary. Does he have family there?
I will pray for him, and the family.

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