My old dresser

Reisterstown,MD, United States

My old dresser

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Lorena, TX

you are this! have you done others?

columbia, TN(Zone 7a)

Indeed amazing,love it!!!!

Englewood, FL

WOW I wish I had your artistic talent. That is gorgeous.

Yucaipa, CA(Zone 10a)

@ Alexandria_1 ~ the finish on your dresser is so nice! How long did it take you to complete this work of art and is this a dresser that you use on a daily basis? Since your dresser has a light finish already to it, I'm guessing that only a light colored dresser can be used for this type of project. What type of paint did you use for this project? Sorry for all the questions, when I see something that is really eye-catching, I always want to know how they got the results.

Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

Reisterstown,MD, United States

Fleur_2011, my older daughter used this dresser for...yes,for three years, and my little one still using it, she is 5 y.o. I spent probably one week working several hours per day on it,it was fun as I remember. I started with my sketches( I am a silk painting artist so I get use to),but I am pretty sure everyone can make something like this using his (her) own imagination and some basic skills of painting with acrylic.Some people even use their children's drawings for creating attractive pieces( and good memories,too). My dresser had light finish but I applied acrylic background so it didn't matter.Just don't forget to sand it lightly before applying any paint. As I mentioned,I used regular acrylic paint (from JoAnn or Michael stores), and diluted it with Glazing Medium.I applied polyurethane matte finish when acrylic is completely dry.

Reisterstown,MD, United States

This was a commission.Person I worked for had a room with dark cherry walls. So I combined colorful surface panels with the same cherry color so it would look like the furniture dissolves in that room leaving only pictures. After I finished I gave myself a world never ever work with furniture for somebody else. I was sick and tired of sanding! So since that I enjoy playing with old furniture from Goodwill (we saved a lot of money this way), and devoted myself to silk painting only.

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