New (to me) terminology . . .

Omaha, NE(Zone 5b)

Tomato category on page 70 of the Twilley catalog:

"Heirloom trait Hybrid". It's a phrase new to me (and should be hyphenated as "Heirloom-trait hybrid"). See

The two listed varieties are "Rambling Red Stripe" and "Grandma's Pick".

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

Mad Men marketing!

I've never seen that one either.

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

I often see "heirloom" tomatoes in the local supermarket and have wondered if they were really hybrids grown to look like heirlooms. I've never purchased any.

I suspect "heirloom-trait hybrid" means they are hybrids that look like heirlooms (shrug.)

Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

No different than Glory and Brandyboy and the one Burpee used to offer which changed names three times but ended up I think being named Bucks County Red, all hybrids.

I've just never heard that term before and I'd rather see folks just admit to what something is rather than invent a new name for PR purposes.

Oh, and I'm also thinking of that Masters series of hybrids that Totally Tomatoes introduced as well, which I think are hybrids as well, but I didn't confirm that.

Too darn hot and humid here for doing anything extra. LOL


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