Baby silkies learn how to dust bath

Bridgewater, ME

I have 5 that was hatched out in the bator,they are four weeks old and thought I would try putting them in with the other silkes,there are broodes and moms with babies and the one rooster and some teenagers.This is there fourth day and they are doing great.No one bothers them,they hang out togather and sleep togather.The first day they went outside with the others and when it came night I sat by the run to see if they would follow the rest in but they didn`t, the rooster kept comming out and clucking to them to try to get them to follow him but they wouldn`t,so I shewed them up the ramp and put them in th hole and as fast at I would put them in they would come out.So I needed a new plan,got the picnic basket and gathered them all up and put them in the coop,they were hungry and thirsty,left them for awhile and went back out later to make sure thy had gone in there basket but they were sleeping in the middle of the floor, soI picked them up and put them in there basket and thats where they stayed.Last night they were sleeping at the mouth of the basket so I put them inside of it,lets see where they are tonight.This is a picture of them taking there first dust bath in one of the nesting boxws,they are so darn cute!.This is the basket they sleep in,the rooster slept in it one night when I first put it in a few weeks ago.

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Richmond, TX

They are cute! It is great that you were able to integrate them in with the others so easily.

Bridgewater, ME

I think its because there is five of them and they stick close togather,so they are a comfort to one another.They have not ventured outside again which is fine with me untill they are a little older.

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