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We have outgrown our old home and are starting a new one here. If you're just joining us, please go check out our previous thread for lots of wonderful things:

1. Fireball Hibiscus - 15 blooms yesterday and over 20 today!
2. Lichterman Nature Center - the bridge on the marsh lake, now full of blooming Lotus. I had to use several PSE Transformation tools on this one to get it straight.

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Palo Alto, CA(Zone 9a)

Thanks for starting the new thread, Miss Mary! That Lichterman Nature Center shot is great ... love the geometry!

Memphis, TN

A few more.

1. A little explanation on this one...I'm in an Oldies but Goodies group on Facebook. Every now and again, we get onto the subject of a particular artist or group and post lots of their songs. We laughingly call these sessions "-fests." One time, we had a "Bobbyfest" and all the songs posted were by artists named "Bobby". Anyway, I was in an Englebert Humperdinck kind of mood a few days ago and made this topic header to use for a list of his songs. I used the picture I had Fotosketched last week of the bridge at Lichterman Nature Center as the background.

2. Pulled a rose and laid it in the water in a birdbath. PicMonkey edge fading.

3. PicMonkey posterization, texture and edging


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Memphis, TN

1. Lotus at Lichterman

2. HDR effect on the bridge at Lichterman

3. HDR effect on the bridge at Lichterman

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Well, Miss Mary, that #3 bridge is a great example of texture in the foreground! What do you think, Patti?

Palo Alto, CA(Zone 9a)

I accidentally knocked a blossom off of one of my glads, so I dutifully brought it home and put it in a cute little vase ... then I took a picture of it, and then I made a kaleido ... such a busy day!

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Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

Miss Mary, Thanks much for the new thread. And that lovely Fireball to start it off!! Love the leading lines of the pier. I shot a pier for the Lines in Foreground assignment for class. I like yours better. Much more interesting pier! I agree, Jubilada. That would be a great "Texture in Foreground" image for my assignment. I might have to steal it if I can find the right spot to shoot it. ... Need that Devil Smiley again. I seem to need that one a lot. Hmmmmm.

We were on the same wavelength today. I shot some Lotus flowers too. Haven't had time to process them yet, but I will soon and get some stuff posted. They are yellow. I thought that the lotus flowers that I had photographed a year ago at Brazos Bend State Park were white. Maybe all Lotus flowers are yellow? I don't know. The rose in the water is a beautiful image!

Jubilada, I'm just sitting here smiling while trying to find all the goodies in that gorgeous kaleido. Love the colors and the gradient background. That is a big glad or maybe just a small vase?

Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

Got a few processed...

1. Wide Angle Shot of Lines Dominant in Foreground image for Class Assignment. That is, unless I shoot something else between now and the due date.
2. Dragon with much cleanup on flower - spots, spiderwebs
3. Lotus Flower with some cleanup - Shot with my 400 mm lens to get max blur on background. Don't care for the white sky at top, but that was the best of all my shots today. Need to do it again.
4. RT and the Parrot

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Oh, my -- I really like that pier, Patti! I'm having fun just exploring all the curves and lines! The dragonfly is an amazing capture and the Lotus is a beautiful shot. I can understand why you'd want a less white background but, for my eye, the blur does the trick. It's almost as though the blossom has sucked up all the green and is projecting a pristine upward aura!

Palo Alto, CA(Zone 9a)

Patti, that "wide angle" is spectacular! Everything about it screams fabulous and perfection! Not to mention geometry! But is it actually really a "fish-eye," and does that matter? Never mind. The dragonfly merits superlatives of every sort! And I'm so happy that RT and the Parrot (no name yet?) are buds. Very important!

I took the ferry to Sausalito today ... haven't been there in over 40 years. Lunched with the ladies at The Spinnaker ... swell lunch. It was cold, drizzly, and windy, and the weather people described it as a June "cold snap." As usual, took a pile of pictures, many of which have already been disposed of. But I did try a pano soft of with my little G-10. It's flawed in many respects (which I've tried to fix up in many ways), but still kind of pretty ... Sausalito ...

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Memphis, TN


Jubilada, I do wish DG would fix it so that pictures with width would post as large as pictures with height.I'm dying to see that closer. That is a lovely scene!

Memphis, TN

PSP Kaleido of Fireball Hibiscus petals, with texture, shape and shadow added in PicMonkey.
A friend's pool as viewed from inside her gazebo in late afternoon - Fotosketcher.
Some sights in my garden today - PicMonkey collage with PSE9 bevels, shadows and gradient background. Top & middle-bottom: Fireball Hibiscus. Middle: Monkey Grass blossoms and Snow Hill Salvia. Lower left & right: Tiger Lily.

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Miss Mary, Thanks for that description of the lotus image! Wow, projection of an aura! That's a cool way to think of it. Now I like the image better. ^_^ That Fireball is RED! It just doesn't get any redder than that. Your kaleido needs some drops from the bottom. It's so red, I think it's bleeding. Okay, enough about the red and on to the wonderful image. I even love the thumbnail - it looks like a wagon wheel. But, when opened, it is full of wonders to see. First impression was that it is a Valentine's Day kaleido because of all the hearts between the "spokes." Nah, Christmas, because there are reindeer on each of the spokes close to the middle. And then, eeeeek, Halloween - it's a trick - the reindeer have stingers! And then the old, frowny dudes around the outer edge of the spokes ... Don't know what holiday he represents. It is such fun playing "where's Waldo" with your and Jubilada's kaleidos. ^_^

Love the framing on the pool shot. I was thinking about doing something like that for the "lines in the foreground" shot, but I didn't know if that would be "foreground". I might have to ask that question. Love the collage. The arrangement is cool starting with one and growing to three. I know I'm challenged on plant naming, but I'm betting that lower right is not a Tiger Lily. But, it is a gorgeous photo with the ones in the background repeating the angle of the main subject - my favorite image in the collage.

Jubilada, Yes, I am pushing the window a bit on that fishy fishing pier. Technically, a fisheye is not really a wide angle. But I live to push the window, so we'll see if Bryan and Chris interpret it as thinking outside the box and good or not following instructions and bad. Your Sausalito pano is amazing. I just love it, and like Miss Mary, I wish I could see it a lot larger. I want to wander around in all of that wonderful detail.

Memphis, TN

Patti, you're right about that lower right image in the collage. What was I thinking when I wrote that? It was probably that frowny dude looking over my shoulder making me nervous.....
In any case, that's a Black-eyed Susan.

What is "pushing the window"?

The pool shot would have been better, I think, earlier in the day. Not only was it late afternoon, but we had some cloud cover. In any case, I was glad I shot it at an angle, capturing two sides of one of the gazebo posts. Otherwise, it might not have been clear what all that dark framing was. Would have been a good candidate for multiple images, some with the lighting on the scenery and some lit and focused to bring out the wood in the gazebo. Maybe with a new camera, I'll be able to do it.....

Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

Haha. Better watch out for that frowny dude.

You know, I looked up "pushing the window" and can't find it. Either I have misinterpreted a saying or that is just something we say around here. Probably the former. I can mangle English/American phrases much better than people with English as a second language.

What I think of when I say that is this ...
I am constrained in a room full of windows and while I'm not actually stepping outside this "box", I am pushing the edges a bit.

So, in my little world, the requirements for the assignment are inside that room. Stepping outside that room will absolutely violate a requirement. Just pushing on a window a little will stretch the requirement, but hopefully not break it.

I wonder what the real saying is? Do you know?

Palo Alto, CA(Zone 9a)

I think it's "pushing the envelope" ... anyhow, I knew what you meant!

Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

That's it, Jubilada! If you have ever watched NCIS, there is a character on that show that botches these types of sayings. English is not her first language. No excuses for me. But, I do it all the time. At least in my world, pushing the window makes sense.

I also have a hard time with Pulling the Plug and Pulling the Trigger. I finally decided to buy a new lens and ordered it. My nephew asked what I was going to do and I told him it was a done deal - I pulled the plug on it. He was disappointed and said he thought I really liked it. I was confused and said I did really like it which is why I bought it. He started laughing and said he should know me by now. Correct phrase should have been that I pulled the trigger on it. That sounds horribly destructive to me. Pulling the plug out of the way of indecision makes more sense to me. But, that's not the way the rest of the world thinks.

Anyway, good laugh!

Memphis, TN

Patti, when I was a kid, I got "prosecute" and "execute" confused, as well as "priceless" and "worthless". Think about that last one. Anyway, one day, my parents and I went to the grocery store and had to park near the far edge of the lot. As we were pushing the basket of groceries we'd bought back to the car, I noted the sign on the outside of the building that said not to take baskets out of the parking lot, adding that violators would be prosecuted. I feared the worst. They'd see us pushing that basket toward the edge of the lot and shoot us dead.

I guess we all suffer with Archie-Bunker-ism sometimes...

Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

Oh, no! Now, in some countries, that might very well happen.

Playing with the flying creatures ...

1 The first dragon cooperated and landed on a beautiful green leaf. I did a tiny bit of clean-up and cropped.
2 Ditto for the second one. He found a nice fresh lotus seedpod. Quite a bit of clean-up on the pod. Starting to get brown in spots.
3. This very nice looking dragon found the ugliest perch in the lake. Didn't do anything to this one. Probably should throw it away.
4. So, I stuck him on this Red-winged Blackbird's head.
5. If that wasn't enough silliness, here's some more.

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That "word" or "phrase" mix-up is called malapropism. There's a play called "The Rivals," and it has a character named Mrs. Malaprop ... she uses the wrong word or phrase for just about everything, which of course makes for some extremely funny dialogue.

"Pulling the plug" is like turning off the electrical current ... not like letting the bathwater out of the tub ... but I can see where one might think so ... On the old "I Love Lucy" show Ricky Ricardo mixed up some common proverbs: "don't cross your chickens before your bridges is hatched." Or something like that ...

Nice collection of dragonflies, Patti! That sure is a funny looking little creature in the last one!

Memphis, TN

Hmmmmm...another new word to learn. Thanks, Jubilada. I only recently learned "mondegreen" - "♪ There's a bathroom on the right ♫" is a mondegreen of the original lyric by CCR, "♫ There's a bad moon on the rise.♪" I'm probably the only one who didn't know that until now....

Patti, good work on that already exceptional dragonfly. I'm noticing the Blackbird's look of contentment. Maybe a good caption would be something like, "No, no...just a little to the right....ahhhhhh, that's it!"

Well, I picked and ate the first ear of corn from my croplet (don't bother adding that word to your list!) tonight. I was actually quite surprised that the stalks grew at all. Then, I was surprised that they bore ears. Surprised again that the squirrels didn't get to them. Now I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised that the ears (though very small) are filled out and the kernels are plump, tender and juicy. Oh, and good!

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Miss Mary, first of all, congratulations on actually getting to harvest some corn! Looks like beautiful stuff. I, too, am surprised that the squirrels didn't get them ... I've completely given up trying to grow corn.

Second, what a swell cornology! Sweet!

Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

Miss Mary, I'll have to make a cartoon out of that image. Good caption!

Wheeeee! That corn looks scrumptious, with those fat, juicy kernels just waiting for some butter, salt, pepper and MY teeth! ^_^

Fess up, now. When you were a little kid, did you start at the left side of the cob, chomp your way in a straight line over to the right side and then make the "ding" sound of those old typewriters when you got there? And, then, dash back over to the left side to start munching another row? Kids today wouldn't have a clue. Young adults today wouldn't have a clue.

Palo Alto, CA(Zone 9a)

Patti, I still eat my corn that way! Except, I don't "ding" ... lol ...

Here are some more shots from my Sausalito adventure last Friday ...

another view of Cupid's Span ... wish I'd had time to shoot this again and recompose a little
kelvin waves on the way to Sausalito
kelvin waves and the Bay Bridge
skyline and boat ... it was a grim and gray and blustery day, lots of mist ...

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Palo Alto, CA(Zone 9a)

And some more ...

Lots of sailboats on the Bay ... by the Golden Gate, by Alcatraz, by the Bay Bridge ...

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Palo Alto, CA(Zone 9a)

In Sausalito ...

The Spinnaker Restaurant ... its been there for YEARS (very nice place)
Some Statuary
A Fountain

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Palo Alto, CA(Zone 9a)

And, finally ...
Pano (two shots) of a fancy hotel in Sausalito ... rates start at $400 a night ...
Pano (two shots) SF skyline coming back from Sausalito ...
Cropped sailboat shot (only looks like a pano)
The Golden Gate
on the way back to the train station ... the Millennium Tower ...

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Willis, TX(Zone 8b)


So glad you posted these! I love the water and I love boats, so I really enjoyed seeing all of the images from the ferry. The water looks so blue and lovely in some of the images in spite of that dreary weather.

I thought it couldn't get any better than #3 in the first set. That is an awesome, beautiful capture with the blue, blue water, the gulls, the leading lines of the Kelvin waves, and the bridge. But then, along comes #5 in the set. Oh, my! I love it!

Perfect timing on #2 of the second set. The boat is in just the right spot of the frame, the sky is beautiful and the background is fantastic. Great depth of field on this (and all of them for that matter.)

Shots like this really make me wish TSA would go away and I could fly again. I would be in San Fran in a heartbeat.

Palo Alto, CA(Zone 9a)

Patti, take the train!

One more Sausalito shot, a collage ... Sausalito has changed a lot since the last time I was there forty or so years ago ... it's really become a tourist town ... and there are all kinds of "artsy-fartsy" type shops ...

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Palo Alto, CA(Zone 9a)

Back at home, I've been playing with using different white balance a little ...

Glad bouquet with fluorescent light white balance done in camera
Same bouquet with cloudy day white balance done in camera
Purple glads with fluorescent light white balance done in Camera Raw

Of course, there are other filters, blending modes, etc., used as well ...

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Memphis, TN

Wow, wow and wow again, Jubi! I want to just jump right into some of those shots. Love the panos. Oh, they are gorgeous! Wish DG would show them full screen....
The photo of the Millennium Tower is absolutely dizzying! Whew! I really like that Sausalito collage, too. Looks like a fun place to visit. I think I'll have to pass on a night's stay in that hotel, though...

1. Tiger Lily, Fotosketched and then Fotosketched again (with areas blended back), then processed with PicMonkey
2. Fireball Hibiscus early this morning, backlit by the sun. Actually front-let and back-shot, I guess...processed with Topaz Clean > Grunge.

I forget how much difference that early morning light can make for photographing things. I didn't alter the color of the Fireball at all. Think that pure early morning light did it all. I Pretty much had to take pics early today. We reached 100 today --- too hot for a photo op.

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Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

Jubilada, I checked out taking the train to visit my cousin in Portland, OR. I was shocked. It cost more than the direct flight and took three days instead of three hours. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration on the time, but sheeeesh. But, I think it could be fun to travel by train - the one that crosses Canada would be so cool. I'll have to check it out again. With gas prices coming down, maybe transportation fares have too. And there must be some great photo ops between here and CA.

I just love your white balance play. What a cool idea. I also love your portrait studio. The setting in that first image is so perfect with the textured background. You don't have to add texture with Photoshop. It's already there and beautiful.

Miss Mary, That backlit Fireball is gorgeous!!! Yes, that morning light is incredible - so soft and diffuse and truly golden. We had a scorcher yesterday too. It was 101 when I went out to tend to the garden. I went right back inside. It can tend itself for a day or two. I don't know what today will bring. It's 85 right now at 9am.

Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

Oooooooh. Checked out the train again. Sunset Limited. Sounds way cool. Some kind of partnership with Nat'l Parks along the way. Very cool scenery. I don't know anything about public transportation, but I guess it's about time I learned. Exciting stuff. Thanks, Jubilada!

Palo Alto, CA(Zone 9a)

Patti, the train is expensive, and sometimes they run WAY behind schedule .... but it's a very cool way to travel. Years ago I took the train from Seattle to San Francisco, very swell trip ... fabulous scenery. Then, years later, train from Oakland to Grand Junction, Colorado and return ... breathtaking scenery! The train was late in both directions, however ... 6-8 hours! I can tell you that Salt Lake City at 4:00 a.m. is not a whole bunch of fun.

Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly Support Public Transportation ... it SHOULD be the wave of the future!

I have always wanted to take that train trip across Canada ... probably won't get to do that now. Sigh.

Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

Playing with Picture Collage Maker

It has a bunch of templates, backgrounds, frames, etc. You just drag and drop what you want onto the work surface and then position and size it.

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Palo Alto, CA(Zone 9a)

OK, Patti, that's pretty cute ... I downloaded the "free" version, but will wait until tomorrow to examine it. Are you using the "free" version or did you purchase the "premium" version? I think I still prefer to do my calendars my old labor intensive way (lol)!

Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

I'm using the "pro" version, so I guess I paid a few bucks for it. I got it a year or so ago, so I don't really remember. You can use it to make calendars, invitations, scrap book pages, plain old collages and other things.

I might use it to try to make a 2013 calendar if I can find templates for 2013 without having to pay extra for them. I've been wanting to make a calendar for a long time and just keep putting it off. It saves 300 dpi jpegs at very high quality. I reduced them to 72 dpi and much lower quality to post here.

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Memphis, TN

I might have to try that out myself!

Well, yesterday was our best day, weather-wise, in the foreseeable future, with a high of only 91... so I took advantage of the cool snap and went to Dixon Gardens. After 70-something shots, I gave up in frustration. I had to deal with 18 camera freezes and re-sets. That said, I had a good time and think I got a few interesting pictures. I found myself drawn to scenes where light and shadows played off of each other; hence the collage.

The bench, with its maturing, multi-toned wood and the geometric shadows it threw onto the ground, captured my interest for quite some time. The urn of flowers was just a little too far away from it, so I "moved" it in closer and got rid of the awkward gap.

Tower Veggies

This arbor shot had fringe of all colors -- brilliant blue, purple, teal, magenta...and the list goes on. Had to really clean it up. Had to straighten the urn on the right side of the photo, too.

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Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

Miss Mary, So glad you put up with that misbehaving camera for as long as you did. The Shadow Study is most interesting. The lines and texture of that bench would have kept me busy as well. The shadows are a huge bonus. I also like the shadows in the arbor. Hope you didn't hurt your back dragging those urns around... ahem, now if I can just get my tongue out of my cheek.

Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

Some tips on the Picture Collage Maker
I found a few things in playing this morning that might save some time if anyone decides to use for calendars or for printing out collages large ...

To increase from the default size:
You have to go to Collage > Collage Panel Setting to set the size larger than the program default. I put mine at 11 x 8.5 inches at 300 dpi so I can print a landscape calendar page.

You can add any calendar or use any calender template on your page and then you can change the year/month or other attributes of the calender by just double clicking on the calendar somewhere. It opens a dialog box and you can change to a different month/year. It automatically sets the days in the right spots for that month/year. You will have to double click on the name of the month and the name of the year and change it too. Sort of clunky, but it is nice that you can format the font and size and all that however you want it and then just save that as a template and then change the month so that every month will look the same font/color/etc.

Made this page for January. I don't particularly like the font for January. I think I need to change that and reposition it some, but at least I'm making progress. And, I have not tried to print out any pages yet. I will do that once I get January done to make sure it comes out okay.

And, in all of this, I must give Jubilada credit for the idea of how to format the pages with calendar, a bit of poetry and a B&W image. I plan to put a color image of a hawk opposite this page - idea also copied from Jubilada's 2011 calendar which I absolutely love.

Hmmmm... Just noticed that there is a typo in the poem. It's should be its. I copied and pasted it from a website, so I don't know if the original is wrong or the person that put it on the web got it wrong. I guess I'll correct it, but hate to change another person's work. I will do some more research to see if original is correct.

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