Received order yet?

Pontotoc, MS(Zone 7b)

Has anyone received your order from Maryott's yet ? I am anxiously awaiting my order as it is HOT and DRY here !!! Some of my nicest daylilies come from them but I wish they could come earlier in the year :)

South Bend, IN

I know a few who have received their orders. I exchanged e-mails with Bill Maryott who told me that some of the cultivars were not of the size they wanted to ship, yet, so they are delayed somewhat.

Melvindale, MI(Zone 5a)

I also heard that shipments were being delayed.

Pontotoc, MS(Zone 7b)

got an email that said the same thing. I was worried as it is hot, dry, and my mailman will not leave the pkg here if I don't come to the door if he honks one time. He will drive off, with my plants, and they go back to the post office. My mother's day pkg stayed in the back of the P.O. for 2 weeks until my hubby finally went up there and asked if they had a pkg for us. It had been there all that time.

Wyoming, MN

My mailman is wonderful. I talked to her and told her I would be receiving a number of packages and it was ok to leave them on the doorstep, even if it rained, which it did one time. I knew the wet box wouldn't hurt the daylilies. If I am not going to be home I leave a signed note on the door, authorizing them to leave them. This has worked for both USPS and UPS.


Pontotoc, MS(Zone 7b)

we HAVE told our mailman ! He is just too lazy to get out. The subtitute mailwoman is different. She will honk and get out to leave packages on the doorstep.

My order did come. Fans were not as big as they were previously but boy did they make up for it in bonuses !! I mean everyone I think has had strange weather this year and it has played havoc on our flowers ! Some of mine rotted in the ground, some are outstanding, and some are just struggling along.

We went about a month and a half with rainfall, and then.... we have had anywhere from an inch to two and a half inches a day for about a week now. Humid !!!! Don't know how this will play out with the daylilies. Maybe some will put up late scapes but for most of them , they are done for the year !

South Bend, IN

My order was the same. The fans were noticeably smaller and they seemed dried out relative to previous orders. I was a little concerned but 24 hours soaking in some Dyna-Gro and potting and they came right back. There is nice new growth on all of them and scapes on a couple.

Pontotoc, MS(Zone 7b)

what is Dyna Gro and where do you get it ?

South Bend, IN

Dyna Gro is a brand of fertilizer. I picked it up from a local nursery.

I used the 'grow' formulation at the concentration they recommend for a non-circulating hydroponic system.

Cartersville, GA

Maryott Daylilies is now offering their first weekly special of the summer. If you order $75 in daylilies or add that amount to an existing order, you will receive Bluegrass Memories (Ted Preuss) as an additional bonus. We have grown BM for about 4 years, and it is one of our favorite daylilies. We already had an order coming in September and have now added to the order, so we can get more Bluegrass Memories. Bill has lots of great BOGO's (Buy One Get One Free), too.

Hannibal, NY(Zone 6a)

Why oh why did someone not tell me about Maryotts before? I just found out not to long ago how beautiful the newer daylilies are. Here's feedback I left for them, it explains it all:

"I had my first contact with Bill Maryott some years ago when he answered some questions for me about the prices of new daylilies, vs the price of irises, (which he used to hybridize). He spent a lot of time formulating the answer.

So, I had received some daylilies in a trade that were the old washed out lilacs and wanted to replace them. I looked to Maryotts.

I had a good size area to fill and went for the BOGO (buy one get one free) ones. I got Russian Temple, Set my Soul Afire, and Fashion Police. I got two of all those and an extra Fashion Police. AND bonuses of Bogota (100.00!)and 3 Exotic Design (42.00! each)!!!!!!

I had sent Mr. Maryott an email saying as I had purchased BOGOs I did not expect extras, but if he was to include an extra I was doing an orangish area. He sent back an email saying he thought he could find something that would fit the bill. Did he ever.

Above and beyond, Mr. Maryott, above and beyond!

And of course, all the divisions were huge and healthy.

Please, please, purchase from Maryotts, you will not be disappointed."

But now I want more! That 150.00 daylily isn't looking so expensive after all, LOL.

Pontotoc, MS(Zone 7b)

you are correct ! Although my this year order had smaller than usual fans, they have taken off and grown, one or two have even bloomed. His daylilies are wonderful - especially the ones he hybridized himself ! I was late in finding out about him,too, and I did from some of these wonderful Dave's Garden folks !

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