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Hanceville, AL(Zone 7a)

A week ago right after a rain when it dried enough, we planted beans, corn, and okra. They came up quickly and yesterday the birds got them. I know crows and blackbirds will get corn, but the beans and okra were also pulled up. This AM, I replanted and then went to buy 10% sevin dust. Only 5% was to be found. Small cans. I found permathrine dust suitable for use on animals and the store owner said he uses it on his garden. I put some down on the rows where I had replanted. If the birds get them again, they will have to eat permathrine. What does every one do for birds? Also I ordered fox urine granules to put around the garden hoping that this will deter varmints. Luciee {;0)

Wichita, KS(Zone 6b)

Sevin kills many insects, including bees, which you will want when those vegetables flower. No bees; no pollination; no veggies. It also kills predatory insects helpful for keeping down populations of pests like aphids and whitefly.

Thirty years ago, before my mom knew any better, she used Sevin on her tomato crop (about 100 plants), and her plants were virtually wiped out by spider mites that multiplied afterward.

I am unclear why you are using Sevin and permathrine (another broad-spectrum insecticide that will also kill honeybees) to deter birds.

Hanceville, AL(Zone 7a)

I know all this, but until the garden dust police tell me that I can't use it, I will continue to do so. I regret having posted this on Dave's garden. I am an old lady and have had my garden eaten up many times. This is the 1st year I have had to use much poison in a long time. usually only have to poison fire ants. I think if you were in my shoes it would be clearer, until you have had to go through what I've gone through. Sorry to sound so hateful, but you just passed judgement on me. Luciee PS, I also have to deal with smelly armadillos and today I put out some fox urine granules. Then I found out that coyote urine granules work better. Sargeant Yates gave me his recipe for predator repellent, but so far I haven't used it. If this doesnt work, I will try that. Sorry again that I sounded so hateful. One person's vegetable garden is another's home for butterflies and honeybees. Luciee {;^)

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Madras, OR

I put row cover over upside down pots until the starts are big enough to make it on their own. I also plant in beds, broadcast not rows. For lettuce and other succulents, I end up having to put bird netting over them on higher pots to keep the birds from mowing off lettuce, peas and bok choy the minute they sprout

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