Upstairs vs downstairs cloths dryer

Lawrenceville, GA

After 4 different homes I have concluded that a downstairs clothes dryer
(short vent right out of the wall) is twice as efficient as as up stairs dryer with
a long vent out though the attic to the roof. My dryer is upstairs and the same
dryer i had in my last home (floor level) dryed clothes twice as fast (same washer).
I actually proved this by disconnecting the vent up stairs and it dryed clothes twice as fast.
I guess the long vent is the problem.. If I disconnect the duct to the vent it will get very hot upstairs ( I am in Ga.) and the air condition cost will be high. My vent is fine and not clogged,
I had my roofer get on the roof and all is good. Anyone have a good solution?

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Lawrenceville, GA

Update: One solution is a dryer vent booster fan. However cost is going to be
at least 600 to 800 to buy and have it professionally installed.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

The straighter the ducting, the more efficient it is. For every elbow/bend in the ducting, you cut down efficiency. I don't think your roofer knows beans about the efficiency of what is coming out of the duct. He just knows that something is coming out.

Lawrenceville, GA

the duct goes straight up no elbow or bend except right at the floor where it is attached.
total distance is about 20 feet.

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