June 23, 2012 Round Up Video

Ellijay, GA(Zone 7a)

It looks like embedding videos aren't set up on Dave's and I've provided a few links for those with fast and slow connections.Poor Mud_Elf. I didn't think people used dial up anymore. But then aren't smart phones almost like dial up? At least mine works that way with ATT. Thank goodness the contract is expiring. Who needs all those gizmos anyway?

I think I got everyone.

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Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Great job, Ken! Thanks. BTW, you have a terrific announcer's voice.

Dahlonega, GA(Zone 7b)

good video Ken

Newnan, GA(Zone 7b)

Great job, Ken. And you do have a great announcer's voice! :-)

Lula, GA

That is fabulous, Ken...........who knew you had it in you!!! You even made me look good!!!
And thanks for the plants..................they are now happy in their new home, planted yesterday!


Ellijay, GA(Zone 7a)

Thanks folks. I've always considered myself pretty good with voice overs, but put me in front of a live mike and forget it. Severe stage fright
and I can never get the words together without getting tongue tied.


I have several of yours in the ground. Hey, did you give me that bougainvillea? I think you mentioned it will do better in the ground,
but how will it fare through the winter? It is definitely my favorite shrub, but I've only seen them in Florida...then again I'm still
a newbie to gardening.

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Lula, GA

Ken, I did not give you the bougainvillea.................... Crystal did , and yes, they are tender. Sandy took the other one...........Kris brought alot of plants for Crystal. Sandy keeps hers in a pot and brings it into the greenhouse for the winter. Hers is in a hanging basket. Uses up some of that greenhouse ceiling space!
We grew bougainvillea in California......they were like our wisteria vines here.................. crawled all over structures and bloomed all summer!

Winterville, GA(Zone 8a)

You have a natural talent for this. Great job on the video!

Ellijay, GA(Zone 7a)

Thanks Brenda. Well, that Boog is gonna have to go with me to Florida this winter. I've been after my mother to plant some down there, but she's worried about the root system overtaking the underground sprinkler system and who knows what else. Apparently they can get pretty aggressive.

I put together another video..an early summer review of some of my gardens...and some pics from last September when everything was filled out. Pretty bummed out about all the Impatiens dying. Is anyone else seeing this? I actually saw quite a few diseased (early signs of powdery mildew) ones at Home Depot in Dawsonville yesterday. Going to try some annual Vinca in place. They will get sun for two hours in the AM and dappled shade the rest of the day. Anybody have good luck in that situation?


Lula, GA

Thanks for the garden tour, Ken, and your observations. Quite a difference from last year's September growth. We had more rain last year. And a little less heat.
I have never heard of brugs getting into a sprinkler system. Learn something new everyday. You mom can plant the brugs along the edge of the garden away from her sprinkler system. The roots are not that extensive when I have dug them from the ground.

I never had impatiens succumb to powdery mildew. There are always new challenges to a gardener. Weeds, disease, pests.............. something new to contend with constantly!! Welcome to gardening, Ken!

Ellijay, GA(Zone 7a)

"I never had impatiens succumb to powdery mildew"

Ooops...it's downy mildew, correct that.

It's more of a new problem to Georgia. A few experts warned about it earlier this year...



I sent pics to the gal from the U of G that wrote the above blog article. Says they're the best she's ever seen...probably because it's so new to the state.

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Lula, GA

Yikes, my condolences.............. I didn't know anything could wipe out impatiens except frost!

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

I bought impatiens at Walmart here and lost every single one within two weeks. You can't even replant in the same soil. From what I've read it has to do with where the plants were purchased. Lowes assured me no plants come from infected states but since I can't replant I, like Ken, need an alternative. Apparently the other impatiens species are not affected.

Ken, the vinca will get lush in less sun but not bloom as well. I am from S. Florida where this vinca is grown as a perennial shrub. We have it as a three foot hedge row at my house there. It reseeds and establishes everywhere but does not flower well in shade.

Ellijay, GA(Zone 7a)


I'll take lush..you know me...bushy.

Btw, I've noticed some problems with White Wave petunias as well. I've had two fail, purchased at Lowes. For your information, I tried to buy these as plugs earlier this year and the grower (NCFarmsInc.com) pulled/destroyed all their season's white blaming a disease two weeks before my order was ready to ship. Pretty bummed out at the time, but had they not caught the disease all of my Petunia plugs could have been affected. Seems their sources in Costa Rica had it as well.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Ken, I think of you as a flower, not a bush. (blush).

Ellijay, GA(Zone 7a)

A flower????

Reading more into the Impatiens problem, it sounds like the soil may be contaminated for years as the spores may overwinter...If they do up north, chances are good they will in N.Ga


Oh well, NG Impatiens (not affected) are growing on me, but the retail cost is outrageous. Plugs next year..


Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Yes, I had already read that. Fortunately I don't normally plant annuals but did it this year for the wedding weekend. It seems like such a lot of work for such a temporary effect.

Dahlonega, GA(Zone 7b)

I planted two of the more expensize gallon sized New Guinea impatiens at the same time as I planted a flat of pink or white or peach regular impatiens in 4inch pots. At this time, the NG's aren't flowering much and the the standard impatiens are as large and full of blooms. My thinking is that I won't spend the extra money on the NG impatiens again.

Lizella, GA(Zone 8a)

awww, sorry I missed the roundup this year. Looks like everyone had a good time. LOVED the video, Ken.
Next year.. hope to make it.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Missed you, Elaine. You need to come take a look at some of your gifted plant babies.

Danielsville, GA(Zone 7b)

Gee Ken, I just found the video, and you impress me. You would surely have a future at this, and Yes, you have an excelent voic for this. I had to watch through it twice, and I'm still impressed.
However, if I wasn't so (Over weight), I would look like Charlie McCarthy, in that kitchen sene. Mike

BTW, not only did I lose all my impaients, but some varmit killed all my lillium. Wiped out all, but the old "Tiger lillies".I treated for fungui, but it could have been insect.Any one else suffer this? Mike

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Lizella, GA(Zone 8a)

I I have reseeding impatiens that spread all over every year. Got them years ago. Nothing has bothered them.
Plan to come next time.

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