CLOSED: a MICRO-Zone in the dry desert...

Santa Fe, NM

i live in drought-stricken New Mexico, but actually have a small Bosque(Woods) in between my casa and my veg. garden back at the irrigation canal. This Bosque has filtered light. And the Mexican share-cropper next to me always floods a quarter of my side twice a mo. when he irrigates his rented-garden part. The water is 6" deep for the 1st two days, and then it's swamp-like for 20 days more. And since my request that he fix the problem goes unheeded, i decided i should take advantage of the of the currently-wasted water.
So, my question is: what partial-shade-loving plants could i grow as a Cash-Crop in mostly soggy ground and take advantage of all that currently-wasted water?? (besides Ginseng and Monkshood). i don't care if it's an edible plant, Flower or Herb, i just want to try and sell something from that area that's now filled with wild pink roses, reeds and leaf mold 6" thick. (it also has a few protected Native NM BLUE wild Iris i enjoy.)
Thank you! sk

(Zone 5a)

Did you realize you posted this in the Bird Identification forum? :)

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