Order from Naylor Creek

Austell, GA(Zone 7a)

I just got 3 big, beautiful hostas from across the country in 90s temps. The Hosta Boyz have never disappointed me. I got Golden Meadows, Midnight at the Oasis and Flemish Sky, all at least 2 eyes. If they are not a DG Top 5, they should be!


Thumbnail by plantnutz Thumbnail by plantnutz
Norristown, PA(Zone 6b)

Nice haul. You will LOVE golden meadows in the spring. Its spring colors are sooo pretty. Once it turns all green later in the season I love it for it's very ruffled edges.

Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

You will love Golden Meadows, it is really heat tolerant. Green and ruffled this time of year but holds up well in south. Also the slugs have not bothered it.
I got a nice order from them in the spring, Sharp Dressed Man and Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. :)

Ottawa, Canada

Please show us some pictures once they're planted. I have both 'Golden Meadows' and 'Flemish Sky'. I like them both. My FS has lost some of his blueness with the heatwave we've had recently in zone 5b. Now its gotten colder again. My hostas are mighty confused . They don't know whether to shiver or sweat. I just noticed that when something is wrong with my hostas I refer to him as "he". "Golden meadows" is a "she". Does anyone else do that.

Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

Yes, if they behave badly they are a 'he', if all is well they are a 'she'. :)

Perkasie, PA(Zone 6b)


Well, I don't distinguish them as to gender, but I have a few choice names for the ones that don't behave. :-)

Perkasie, PA(Zone 6b)

@ Plantnutz:

I looked at various sites for pics of the GM, but none seem to show either the strong color or waviness of yours. Am I right that the GM is the one in your second picture (and on the right in the first)?

Philadelphia (Media), PA(Zone 7a)


Try here http://www.hostalibrary.org/g/goldenmeadows.html :-)

I got one from Naylor Creek last year and it's quite wavy, with beautifully colored leaves... I think this is one that will keep getting better each year (and it's pretty impressive already).

Austell, GA(Zone 7a)

sissystars, I had not seen Golden Meadows until last yr and it might have been virginiarose that posted a pic and I knew I had to have one. It is a real beauty!

Perkasie, PA(Zone 6b)

It really is. I'll order some either from Naylor's or a place in SC (closer to me), though I suspect I'll have to keep them in pots until the weather lets up a bit. Or, I could put them in place of the heuchera that are getting crisped and put the heuchs in pots until... oh, dear.

By the way: do others notice the incredible disparity in pics online? I mean even from nurseries. Some show GM as cream centered with green edges and only a touch of crinkling. Others look like plantnutz's pic. Very confusing.

Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

With Golden Meadows the actual plant is quite different in spring than summer also slightly different depending on how much sun it gets.

plantnutz, got a very nice plant with summer colors. Mine is more green than hers right now, it is not getting as much sun (might need to move it).

Here is early spring pictures.

Thumbnail by virginiarose Thumbnail by virginiarose
Perkasie, PA(Zone 6b)


Wow. I really do have to have some of those.

Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

It is a beauty! :)

Mirpur (A.K), Pakistan(Zone 9b)

You both did good deal, really beautiful and pretty. I always love the variegated Hostas, but you both got unique species.

Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

That's one good thing about Naylor Creek, they do offer a lot of unusual plants for what seems to be a regular price. I got Yellow Polka Dot Bikini from them. Also the plants are big and they have good reviews on the WatchDog.

caution:YPDB only looks like this in spring :(

Thumbnail by virginiarose

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