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SOLVED: Plant with triangular leaves

Sidney, OH(Zone 6a)

This foliage houseplant has slightly fleshy, triangular leaves about 3" across. It vines and seems to thrive in medium light and dry soil. I've looked in several houseplant books and can't find anything like it. Any ideas?

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Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

Ficus natalensis subsp. leprieurii

Sidney, OH(Zone 6a)

Thank you. This one has never bloomed, so I was looking at foliage plants only. This is obviously a Mistletoe Fig, though. Thanks again.

San Francisco, CA

You will probably only find limited information on this plant in print; if you do it will likely be under the name F. triangularis. I've grown and sold this plant for years, and that's always what it has been called.

I'm not too up on my Ficus botany, but this seems very different from the other plants called F. natalensis...

This is not the "Mistletoe fig"

That sp. is much smaller, and fruits at an earlier age.

Sidney, OH(Zone 6a)

I see the difference now. F. triangularis is a closer match, and this one is definitely a slow grower. Thank you.

Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

Sidney, OH(Zone 6a)

So you're BOTH right! And I misidentified the subspecies. Thanks for the clarification.

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