My Papilio has mealies!

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

ARRRRRG! Just saw them today. Sprayed with a mealie spray (Bonide) and hit the leaves with alcohol. I HATE MEALIES!

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

wow..tommy..u grow butterfly hippeastrums too!! are way cool.. :) lol
are your plants in a greenhouse.. outside?
mine are outside in pots..
they are doing pretty good..but they are like my amorphs.. getting full sun
and i think i need to move them..
leaves arent burning up..just i have to water them every day.. its so hot here
was a "cooler day" today.. only 92F LOL

(Zone 9b)

I grow variegated clivia. Mealies love to grow down deep between the leaves where you can not get too! I use Bayer Tree and Shrub concentrate. It goes on the soil when you water, no messy spray. I water the soil once with it and it is good for a year. I love it.

Good luck!


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Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

I WISH I had a greenhouse! I grow just a couple of Amaryllis. I grow mostly African Violets, Carnivorous plants, Amorphophallus Konjac, some Streps, just to name a few things. After last frost my 2 Amaryllis go outside for the summer and come back in in the fall.

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

Thanks Kell for the tip! I will try that as well.

Mc Call Creek, MS

Hi Kell!

Glad to see you again! It's been a couple of years!

Will the trick you use with Bayer work on million bells and brugs, too? I'm sure gonna try it.

I usually spray with alcohol and melt the little suckers and then spray off with water. A one step treatment would sure be much easier though.


Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

no bugs on anything..yet.. plants i can haul to bathroom..get a shower couple times
in the winter.. im sure bugs are still in soil..but..the foliage seems to do ok..
i'll have to check out Bayer concentrate..
?? tommyr.. hows your winter so far in NY??
its not even been 2 months..since everything came inside..and im already getting
antzy to get something going..
i think i'll get cold frame up..and plant some lettuce.. :)

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

I just started a "Susan" I found at Lowes. My Pap is still doing well.

(Zone 9b)

Hi Kay!! I am trying to think what a million bells is. I am sure it works on most if not all plants. I love the stuff. When I had a ton of brugs, I used to get those pesky little cucumber beetles that would spoil the looks of so many flowers . I would use the Bayers on only a few of the brugs, I would pick their favorite ones. They would all eventually stop by for a tasty bite of one of the treated ones and be gone forever!

It also works on black scale . I had my oleander trees just covered in scale to the point they were dying. Again just 1 dose at the roots and all the scale gone. Almost impossible to get rid of scale too!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Kay!

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

my 3 pots of papillio just bloomed..still have one in bloom
great dark lime green with dark maroon contrast..
i started with 2 bulbs..split up small off bulbs.. i have to repot
them when there done flowering..
?? im thinking i need to put them in much bigger pots too..
i know amaryllis/hippeastrums are ok with crowded pots..but..
i really want to see if i cant get these papillios HUGE..
i got them from a lady in calif.. i didnt buy the largest she had
for sale..but ones i got were larger than my amaryllis bulbs..
she had some that were over 6" wide..i always thought papillio
bulbs were always on the smaller size..???
she grows hers in a raised bed yr round..maybe why they put on such
no bugs.. yet.. :)

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