Building a Home part3

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

I started a new cause...the other was so long and it needed a topic face lift.
We haven't done anything to the house since we painted the main color on and did the shutters.
I am trying to pay off my truck (very high interest rate) and then we can start doing more work.....
except I do have the wood to work on the trim outside the house but ever since the business slowed down, It has been extremely hot
and I been working in the garden when it is cool enough...morn and evening.

came from here

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Lorena, TX

this looks so homey and it

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Cricket, I'm still amazed at what you have accomplished!

(BTW, new threads seem to get lost/un-read unless you post a link on an old thread directing folks to the new one.)

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

i forgot to darius. :) thank you for letting me know that I didn't do it.

It's trying to cool off around here,. It will take a month just to catch up on outdoor chores. I don't think I could ever catch up with the weeds though.

Vernon, AL

Looking good Yawl .. an i know all about too many irons in the fire.. hahaaa

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

thank you David ;)

I don't have much to show....we get side tracked with other things in life and can't seem to complete much.

started building walls around the stair way and hubby should start on the walls for sons bedroom upstairs this evening.
Just know that when the walls are complete, sons room will be the only room upstairs that receives heat from the wood burner downstairs.

At the top of the stairs will be a 3ft landing area with sons bedroom door straight ahead and a side door to the left of the landing area that opens into the rest of the upstairs so we can close that door off during the winter and keep sons door open to let the heat rise.

side ways view of wall frame around stair way on the upper floor.

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Vernon, AL

Very kewl idea, i like how its all coming togather now. it all just takes time ...

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

I have been away for a while. How is grandpa doing?

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

Grandpa.....I stopped checking on him everyday and his attitude is better. Maybe he was sick of seeing me everyday. Now he acts like he never sees me anymore. Dang if you do and dang if you don't. His health is the same. No better, no worse.

Been working on installing insulation upstairs in chads bedroom area. We need to put up the dividing wall panels and it will be cozy for winter.

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Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

Insulation cost a lot of money. Just to do that one bedroom area costed $330.......and the rest of the upstairs will cost about $1000. One day at a time.

I can't make up my mind what I want to cover the walls and ceilings with.
Wood siding is very heavy and so is the masonite siding and I don't like sheetrock and paneling is thin.
I seriously thought about putting up 1/4 inch plywood

Vernon, AL

hard to beat real wood, even tho it weighs alot it adds strenght.

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

This link shows a lot of ideas that you can do with plywood.

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

Have you considered luann? It is very pretty when it is stained.

(Joy) Hempstead, TX(Zone 8b)

Just ran into this, what a great job you are doing! We are redoing our turn of the century farm house and I hate Sheetrock too. Fortunately for us there were nice original boards under it. But where there was water damage, we had to tear them out. We went with bead board sheets. Just a thought, in our house they are gorgeous and were affordable. We painted them, but they would have looked good stained. In the bathroom where the rot was the worst, we wainscoated with beadboard and used old tin for the top. None of it was as heavy as other options we looked at.

Can't wait to read more!

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

I like the look of tin.

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

Sorry I was gone so long,,,,,it took me a while to renew my subscription and then I didn't post all the new stuff...which aint much but...putting on the finishing touches is expensive and more time consuming than building the actual structure.

sons room upstairs is all closed off for the winter....with black board insulation on the divider walls. We bought insulation for our bedroom and my office and I will start putting that in this week.

I been doing a lot.... you really can't tell it until I start laying out the pictures.

7 wks ago I got tired of waiting for hubby to move that deck out back (8x8) around front to fill in the gap on my deck. It goes in the corner of the deck to make the deck wrap around the house. The deck was covered with briars and weeds and on the other side of the burn mobile home heep and I had to figure out how to get it up and over that myself. It must of been pms....only pms will make a woman want to Prove she can do it herself . but gee ,,,,I had been waiting 6 months already. It took some doings. But I finally managed to back my truck out there and it took forever to get it over that heep.

the deck had to go here........we had dog fencing temporarily attached to the deck at the house to keep the dog in until we finish construction. Had to take the fence down and move the deck over that concrete block planter bed.

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Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

this is getting the deck out of the weeds and over the burn heep ==1st pic, you cant see it.
2nd pic---can barely see it.
3rd- I tour a leg off pulling it out with a chain.
4th. at that point I had to put the chain on a long pvc pipe and push the pipe to the other side so I could wrap the chain around the deck. ( chain hooked to pvc was the only way I could get chain under to the other side cause it was sitting almost flat on the ground.

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Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

finally over the heep, I had to pull it behind the garage and between the garage and faucet to the barn without running over the faucet.......barely did it.
and brought a shrub with me, roots and all. lol.
my thoughts were......hubby doesn't have any choice but to put it where it goes if it's sitting in the middle of the driveway.
(the secret is= he kept telling me it couldn't be done......i said...yes it can... then I had to prove it but i did it when he wasn't home just incase i couldn't ) LOL

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Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

Its not a new deck, but its my deck and I wanted it where i wanted it.
this is where it had to go....after I cleaned the area, removed the fence, hauled up some blocks to rest it on as it went over the block bed.

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Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

it was in its place by night fall

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Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

then I got a wild hair to make the wall at the stair case in the hall way into a pantry wall. The wall is about 16ft long. It was a wall that would not have insulation and I needed cabinet space for groceries.....jar and can food.
So ...we put 2x4 shelving between the wall studs...I calculated what I would need for doors and facing and bought the Oak plywood. and henges... etc.... cut, sanded, stained, and polyurethane the doors,

1. the shelving...with black board insulation on the stair case side of the wall.
2.= same as 1.
3= oak facing...stained....golden oak.
4.= I couldn't wait to get the doors on to put my grocers in there.

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So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

LOL, don't EVER tell a woman something CANNOT be done!

Good job!

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

on the far end is the heighest point under the stairs and I made a door tall enough to walk in under the stairs to store bulk items= remember that is also where the microwave oven was also inserted in the wall (built in microwave box with electrical outlet in wall under stairs on the kitchen side of the stairs.)

1=putting the doors on.
2= the high end of stairs for tall door
3= staining then poly

not your ordinary hall way. the other wall in the hall way will be done the same this spring.

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Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

that one hall way wall will hold 300 to 500 cans/jars depending on the size and how you arrange it.
Ive got about 400 in there so far.

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

forgot to post a pic

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Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

Now......been working on the outside....thats gonna take a while to finish cause hubby hurt his back and he has all that hardware in his back and i expect it's gonna be a while before this is completed cause I will not climb up to the highest point on the gambrel roof..........but
started finishing the framing on the overhang so we could put the soffit boards up , gutter facial boards, and trim.
I been priming what I feel safe at reaching, putting putty in the nail holes, and caulking. waiting on hubby to get better.

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Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

bought an antique cast iron waffle iron and iron prongs to go with my iron collection.

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Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

a new kitten
and two regular pot belly pigs.(male and female)

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So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

My Goodness, when do you find time to do all that canning?

Clever storage for all the jars!

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

thank you darius. ;)

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

I dunno and there.....been up til 2 am several times canning food.
even canned real butter.= that was easy.

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

canned, stew, chili, chicken, chicken broth, tomatoes, potatoes, pears, ( blackberry, pear, muscadine, jellies), butter , muscadine juice, and beef
and made some muscadine wine.
and blue berry jam
i grew all the fruits....except my mom gave me some pears and i added those to my own pears.

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Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Great storage idea!!! I appreciate all your hard work

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

That deck story is so hilarious! You're awesome, Cricket! And I love your use of the wall space for shelving. I could do some of that in our garage to hold some small stuff. I love using space that you normally wouldn't think of using. I love the idea of vertical gardening for that reason. That's something I'll think of doing in the future.
Thanks for taking the time for this great update. Hope and pray hubby's back gets better soon.

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

His back is better...thank you.

I am already out of cabinet space in the hall. Can't wait to get the other side done. (spring)

This house is a long ways from being finished. Gonna take a few more years. I am not bored.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

I am in AWE! I just visited this thread and love it. PMS is too good. What guy hasn't had a dose of it. 8 )

I love the pantry shelf space also. No wasted space there but somehow I don't believe you will finish the other side of the hall in the spring. It will worry you every time you look at it and you will find it done before spring, I would bet.

What is the blackboard material you mentioned? And what did you decide to use in your sons' room? Were you worried about the added weight of wood in the loft?

The cast iron waffle iron is unique and a great addition to your collection. Any idea what those tongs might have been used for?

As always, I've enjoyed reading through your posts. Kristi

Camilla, GA(Zone 8a)

I have a waffle iron like that, only the design is different.. Makes great waffles....

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

I have no idea what those tongs were designed for. They pick a steak up nicely .

The black board insulation is what some use on the outside of the house before putting up the exterior siding. It's like a firm compact sheet of fiberglass insulation that is 3/4 inch thick and has a felt type sheeting on both sides. 4ft x 8ft. It holds out cold air and holds in warm air very well surprisingly. .and it cost $8 a sheet at home depot and $5 a sheet if the salvage company has it in stock. We got lucky and got it for $5 a sheet when we did the outside of the house. The salvage store hasn't had anymore in stock since this past summer.

We have not decided what to use on Chad's bedroom walls and ceiling upstairs. I like to visit the salvage stores and catch good stuff at salvage prices. I haven't come across any good ideas yet . It does need to be light weight and I would like to keep a budget at $10 for 4x8 sheets and I prefer wood with nice wood grain. 1/4 inch plywood is expensive but cheaper than some of the wood fancy paneling I have seen.

Currently....still working on that gutter board and sofit on the back of the house and when that is finished, I can add on a small lean to greenhouse for sowing my seeds and growing my seedlings this winter.

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

Wow!! You have made amazing progress. Love the storage and the iron pieces. Good job on the deck. What plans do you have for the pigs? You might conside luan for the upstairs. When stained and sealed it looks like birch plywood but it's lightweight and inexpensive. Glad to know your DH is better.

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

ty cajun. the pigs are going to make more pigs. I want to eat their babies.
luan is a good thought.

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