HELP! My hen's hatching chicks & I'm not sure what to do!!!

Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

My Orpington's chicks are hatching and I'm not sure what to do.....

She is on a next inside the coop.
I locked all the other hens and roosters outside for the day.

Do I try to move her, the newly hatched chicks, and the rest of the eggs to another location?
Do the chicks need water while in the nest with the hen?
I put a board/ramp inside so the chicks can get down from the nest?
When will she try to leave the nest with her chicks?

I need step by step help on what to do for her!!! This is my first time having a hen hatch her own chicks!
On one side, I'm excited!!! On the other, I'm thinking, "Oh NO!!"

Bridgewater, ME

How high up is the nest box?The chicks will stay with the mom,and she won`t leave the nest untill all the eggs hatch(or for two or three days)The chicks are fine without food and water for two days.Did they just start hatching and how many eggs were there.I would make sure that the chicks can`t fall out of the nest put something across it so they can`t.If they just started today I would wait a couple days then move them all to a safe place and fence her in.I have mine in a dog house that is in the run with the other chickens and have that fenced in with that plastic fencing that is easy to work with.I leave them in there for a week then let them out and the mom take care of them.If you have a dog crate that would work.Here is the dog crate that I used for my silkie and her babies and I have also used an old fireplace screen to fence them in inside the coop.

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somewhere, PA

How are mom & chicks doing?

I've got a barred rock sitting on a communal nest. The first two eggs hatched today. First it was my tiny little bantum sitting on them and then the barred rock time sharing with her and for the last week, just the barred rock. I'm going to leave her with the chicks for another day and then move them to a box I have prepared with food and water.

Its such fun to see the little peepers!

(Zone 6b)

Congrats Glenda.

Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

Thanks everyone! ....I was able to move Momma and baby chick down to a calf hutch that I use when I'm raising meat chickens. They were happy as larks and it has been so much fun watching the two of them. It has been really nice letting her take care of the chick!! LOL
Out of 15 eggs, this is the only one that hatched. I don't know if it's a male or female, but 6 weeks later, the mom is now wanting to sleep in the coop and leaving her chick to fend for itself at night. We've been finding the chick (who is hiding in cubby holes in the straw) and putting it back into the calf hutch for the night.

Does anyone know WHEN the chick will go into the coop with the rest of the chickens? She/he is still half the size of its mother. I've seen them ALL free ranging together and every now and then, one of the other hens will peck at her/him and it goes running for Momma. Please tell me SHE will get it socialized into the flock.....

Bridgewater, ME

It should have follwed her into the coop and stayed with her even though she is done raising it.Thats mine have allways done.

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