Can I run some ideas by ya'll

Grand Saline, TX(Zone 7b)

The hubby bought me an old rusty, chippy, porch glider. I love it, but it has been sitting in the barn cause I'm not sure how to tackle a few issue. Any ideas or suggestion would be very appreciated.

Problem one, it the type of glider that needs cushions on the seat and back. I've got some reclaimed seat cushions off an old couch that fit...But I'm wondering if I can get away with making just pillows for the back, or if they are going to need foam support?

Problem two, covering the cushions and pillows. I have some old vintage feed bags that we pulled out of the barn. They have great graphics on the them and I would like them to show. However the graphics are only on one side and I don't think I have enough to make covers and pillows. Plus, the burlap bags are in rough shape, holes fraying. Not fragile, but I don't think they'll take a lot of abuse as is. Then there is the matter that the holes are going to show whatever the base material is on the cushion.
I don't quilt, but wondering if there is some kind of quilting technique that would work to attach the burlap on to a stronger fabric? I would love for this to work, then I could use a ticking or muslin fabric the base and it wouldn't look too odd make pillows from just ticking or muslin. Or perhaps attaching old burlap to new burlap? Any ideas, how to make this happen without fusing material?

Ok, so there is really only two problems, but you can see why they are frustrating me.

(Karen) Traverse Cit, MI(Zone 5a)

Hmmm If I'm understanding what you have, I would put the burlap over the muslin with light batting underneath then over muslin or ticking and outline stitch the pattern. This would give it body and strength and make the design pop out. The extra layer of muslin would hide the batting. If you used the burlap for the backs of the seats only, they wouldn't get as much wear and tear. Then use a coordinating muslin or ticking for the seat parts. This is just my input and I'm sure the great ladies in here will chime in with more. They are a very creative bunch.
Can you show us pictures of the burlap and maybe the swing too?

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Silio's ideas sound really good to me. Burlap is not the most comfortable of fabrics against skin. quilting it to your base fabric sounds like your best "strengtening" strategy and I agree mixing the fabrics shouldn't be a problem.

Grand Saline, TX(Zone 7b)

Thank you for the suggestions. Here are the feed bags and glider.

Do you think these designs would lend themselves well to batting? Like the 'peanut bag", it's so blocky.

It is the quilting itself that makes me nervous. I've looked up some tutorials. If I understand, it's as simple as layering the fabric , safety pinning the fabric to keep from shifting and using a free motion foot? Or should I be looking at a different technique?

As you can see we are not talking "fine furniture" And this porch doesn't get a lot of use. I just want it to look decent when seen :0)

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(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

OK, for what's worth, covering the seat cushions with the same color as the burlap background fabric, combining the feedsack with the same seat fabric to cover back cushions (even if you just make them oversized loose pillows). The pink color repeats in each of the feedsacks, I'd be tempted to paint the glider the same pink. HOWEVER, I don't know what color your home is and whether the pink would not look good with it.

Not sure if pink would look good with your house color, can't see that!

I LOVE your glider, it's BETTER than fine furniture, it has lots of character.

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Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

my 5 C
Since I see that the glider is indoors, I would use the feedsacks for a ruglet/carpetlet in front of the glider and buy a nice outdoor fabric for the cushions, or even buy ready made cushions at walmart that are on sale. Refurbished with nice cushions it would be fine antique furniture.

I made a a burlap carpetlet with burlap back and an interesting lace tablecloth on top ribbon tied quilted together, used it in a spare BR, it was very nice.

(Karen) Traverse Cit, MI(Zone 5a)

I love the glider also, it's so nostalgic. Those always had a very satisfying squeek too. LOL

My worry would be the looseness of the burlap fabric. I'm wondering if it can be stabilized enough to quilt.

Grand Saline, TX(Zone 7b)

Psychw2, it's funny you mentioned pink, that's exactly the color I had planned on painting it! I ended up changing my mind once Dh wire brushed most of the flaking paint. I don't think my crummy pictures show the details or colors very well. The glider paint layers are green, blue and pale yellow. The burlap bags are green, blue, black and red. It doesn't show, but I couldn't make the colors of the bags go any better with the glider if I tried. lol Just one of those happy coincidences, I'm happy about the colors.

I do have another bag that's yellow, blue and pink. I left it out of my choices because the pink clashes with all the other bags. BUT, I just had an idea...I can use that bag to make a pillow for another bench I have. It would be good practice with the fabric.

Helenethequeen, I value all opinions, thank you. I'm really dead set on using these bags for the fabric. Even my 'good' furniture is rusted, chippy, or worn looking. lol Here are some more chairs I did in burlaps and muslin. It gives a good idea of how distressed I like things. But, I'm actually looking for the glider to be really distressed! If you get a chance I would LOVE to see your carpetlet.

I'm thinking of sewing the seems inside out and letting them fray...hmmm

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Grand Saline, TX(Zone 7b)

Siliolegma, thank you, we cross posted. The looseness concerns me too. I'm going to practice with the pink bag this weekend. I was thinking if I can't get a good stitch, I might just have to use a loose zig-zag in burlap colored thread. I really don't know...since dh moved it to the porch, I feel like there is no turning back

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

OH my I LOVE that pair of chairs!! The carved wood oh my....

Marietta, OH(Zone 6a)

great project! My Aunt's MIL had a glider on her indoor summer porch, almost like that from what I can remember! My cousin and I liked to swing on it because it always squeaked, squeaked, squeaked... My suggestion: paint the glider a pale creamy green (like a cream and sage mixed together), then cover the cushions with something sturdy to match (like a tan denim) and use the burlap to make 'throws' to lay over the back cushions and extra pillow tops if you have enough. Not sure how many bags you have to use, but if you have 3, you could put together one burlap front that has the design, a batting and a backing, quilt them or knot them together, then lay them over the back cushions. That way, they won't get as much abuse as a seat cushion and nothing else, you can hang them on the walls around the glider for decorations. The extra burlap backs could be used for the pillow forms, or even placemats, etc for tables, mug rugs, etc.. Even a ruglet in front of the glider as Helene suggested would be a good use of some of the burlap bag...

Of course, not sure how many cushions you have either..... the ones you have in the pic to sit on would be too thick for a back cushion, but you can buy thinner foam sheets at Joann's to make those. The green paint (and the yellow) were the popular colors of that time, as my other grandmother's gliders and outdoor chairs were the same green and GGma's was a lemon yellow.

Fleming Island, FL(Zone 9a)

What about using the burlap bags to make some throw pillows. With as loose as the weave is and as old as the bags are, I'd hate to see you put alot of time into this to have them crumble next year. Or have them be too scratchy if someoen sat on the glider.

how about getting a muslin and some of the double sided craft iron on stabilizer. Put the stabilizer btwn the muslin & burlap to make a heavier fabric. You can even make the pillows reversible.

Is there a table???? Use some of the bags to make a table topper/runner.

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