Hot Papya

(Zone 4b)

I know we complain about many of the new cultivars and for good reason.

And so when I have a coneflower with lots of blooms, lots to come as well as having made it through its first winter then all seems right in the coneflower world of my garden.

This is my first "Hot Papya":

Thumbnail by rouge21
Lake Stevens, WA

I love that cone, yours is beautifu!! Mine died after the 2nd winter. I think it was my fault, let another plant smother it. Just bought another one.
With all the rain here things kind of went crazy!

Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

That's a nice looking Hot Papaya, mine is not quite that big but the colors are real good just like yours. I really like it as a 'RED'. :)

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