Saskatoon Berry/Amelanchier alnifolia

Lancaster, CA

Hello All,

I've purchased 2 bare root plants that are off to a good start. I'm hoping to keep it that way. I'm in California's Hi Desert area. Zone 8a. Dry hot summers (110 degrees +) Cold winters(15 degrees is the lowest I've noted).

I got the plants late so am hoping to keep them comfortable on my screened in patio to protect them from August heat this year.

I've read the nursery and internet information now I'm hoping input from a grower of this plant.

Will they tolerate full sun exposure year round in my area?
Will they tolerate high winds?

Any input you can provide would be helpful

Thanks in advance


Greensburg, PA

I do not grow in your climate, so can only be of a little help. My saskatoon (several varieties) do not like too much sun, but tolerate it here as long as they have adequate moisture. I suspect that you will need to provide some sheltered location for them where they get shielded from both high winds and strong sun. I consider them to be "understory" plants where they benefit from some shelter here. Your climate sounds more extreme, so protection is a good idea.

15 degree winters will not hurt them but 110 degree summers might.

San Marcos, TX(Zone 8b)

They do fine up to 103 and then they start to languish. They will drop all their leaves but if you continue to water them, they will leaf again in fall and spring.

Regent is the variety I have tested for low chill requirement. Most require cold winters to fruit and flower.
However, even if they do fruit and flower, the fruit tends to be on the smaller side due to early spring heat.

They are extremely drought and cold tolerant and prefer a neutral to slightly acid soil. They arent as bad as Blueberries in the acid soil department. However, they really like a looser soil rather than heavy clay for faster growth.

Lancaster, CA

Great input, thank you both. They're leafing out well in pots on the patio for this summer. I'll transplant in fall. I was considering giving one to my sister in Tehachapi, which sounds like it might work out since they survive PA winters.

Thanks again both of you

I appreciate the prompt reply


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