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Let's see your pictures of hostas beginning with "I, J & K"

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Pictures of hostas that begin with "I, J, and K". Please add yours and tell us something about them.

#1. 'Ice Age Trail' - new spring 2006. I had this one in a spot that was too dark for a few years. It's done better since I moved it, but still grows slowly. I'm hoping that the 2 huge eyes this year will become several smaller ones next year.

#2. 'Ice Cream' - new spring 2007. A nice little hosta.

#3. 'Illicit Affair' - new spring 2008. This mini is fairly fast growing. Leaves emerge golden and the centre gradually turns green leaving a gold margin. I divided mine a few years ago and planted it in 3 groups.

#4. 'Invincible' - new September 2005. Love the shiny leaves, but it is bothered later by slugs.

#5. 'Island Charm' - new spring 2005. This one gets smaller every year for me. I think one day it may disappear altogether.

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Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

#1. 'Janet' - new September 2005. I love the way the green leaves become progressively white during the summer.

#2. 'Jewel of the Nile' - new spring 2005. Mine has large sections that are reverting to 'Dee's Golden Jewel'. Will try to lift and divide it in the fall.

#3. 'Jewel of the Nile' bloom

#4. 'June' - new spring 2006. This plant is east of my house and gets morning sun. Virtually slug proof!

#5. 'June' - This one, a division from the plant above, is west of my house, but immediately east of the neighbor's so it gets less light. The two pictures were taken the same day. Note how different the colour is.

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Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

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Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

#1. 'Karin' - new spring 2006. My elder daughter's name; so I'm stuck with this hosta, but not enamoured by it. The very cupped leaves (or is it drawstring?) catch all sorts of stuff from the trees and it always looks messy.

#2. 'Katsuragawa Beni' - new spring 2006. Another I'm not thrilled with. The red legs are nice, but the leaves are really dull.

#3. 'Kifukurin Ko Mame' - new late 1990s or around 2000. My first green mini. Fast-growing and easy to divide and from that first small pot, I have borders in 4 places in my yard.

#4. 'Kinbotan' - new July 2010. A lovely mini. Appears to be fast-growing, though I still have it in a pot.

#5. 'Korean snow' - new spring 2004. Love this misty plant. The mistiness is always there from when it emerges and is much more yellow to when it darkens.

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Maine, United States(Zone 5b)

June Moon- taken a couple years to get the nice corrugation. Upright grower, some desiccation/melting out on edges.

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Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Reminds me of 'Sweet Innocence', but I bet it's a better grower.

Ottawa, Canada

I didn't realize that 'Jack of Diamonds' was a 'Frances Williams' look-a-like when I bought him in 2010. I had already planted 3 FW in this hosta bed in 2007 and he has already caught up in size. He is supposed to get 16" high and 40" wide. He's never had any desiccation burn, has great substance and the bugs don't appear to bother him as much as some of my other hostas. I have another FW look-a-like, 'T. Flavocircinalis', in another hosta bed. Guess I like FW.

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Ottawa, Canada

OOps, I posted a picture of 'Great Arrival' , a sport of 'Great Expectations' by mistake. This is the real 'Jack of Diamonds'.

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Ottawa, Canada

Here's a pic of one of my 'Frances Williams' for comparison.

Thumbnail by irawon
Maine, United States(Zone 5b)

1 Katherine Lewis- I think! I bought this labeled June years ago, but it looks nothing like my other June in the Spring. It emerges solid green, then develops the variegation. Has a waxy coat and very thick substance. I believe I figured out this year that it is most likely Katherine Lewis.

2. Knight's Journey- goofy name, impulse buy last year. Seems to be growing very well- good substance.

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Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

'Knight's Journey' looks like it will be a nice upright hosta.

Maine, United States(Zone 5b)

I think it will make a dense little wavy edge clump, Ann. The only decent pic I found of a mature one is on the Hosta Patch site. I was sort of looking for something to replace Wolverine, which I lost a few years ago to HVX and was always a slug favorite.

Mirpur (A.K), Pakistan(Zone 9b)

Here's a pic of my Ice and Fire

Thumbnail by gumlla
Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)

#1. 'Inniswood' - came with the house, so pre-dates 2008. I absolutely love this hosta. Gorgeous variegation and amazing corrugation. Probably why I started collecting them after getting an ID on the ones already in the garden. Pic 7/4/2012

#2. 'Irish Luck' - new this spring 2012. Loved the shiny and ruffled leaves. The bunny ate one leaf and then ate the other ones overnight before I got a cage around it. Tempted to buy a replacement this summer. Pic 7/4/2012

#3. 'Ivory Coast' - new this spring 2012. Said to look like a small 'Liberty' as it matures. Will see how it compares next year. Pic 7/4/2012

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Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)

Oops, I forgot one!

#1. 'Invincible' - new this spring 2012. Very shiny leaves add interest to this solid green hosta. Not one I would have purchased when I first started collecting, but I like it. Pic 7/4/2012.

Thumbnail by Eleven
Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)

#1. 'Jaz' - added fall 2011. Couldn't resist the smooth but shiny leaves on this hosta. Supposed to be a slow grower, so I got it late last year rather than waiting. Pic 6/19/2012

#2. 'Journey's End' - added spring 2009. Gorgeous, fast growing hosta with rippled margins. Did well in the heat last year and can take a lot of sun. Was moved a couple weeks ago, and only the tip of one leaf browned. Pic 7/4/2012

#3. 'June' - added spring 2009. Beautiful hosta. Attacked by cutworms this year (see the new leaves in the center) but still looks great. Pic 7/4/2012.

#4. 'Just So' - added summer 2011. Not impressed yet, but waiting to see how this one does. Will move to a different bed before fall. Pic 7/4/2012

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Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)

#1. 'Key Lime Pie' - new this spring 2012. Another very large hosta with rippled margins. Still deciding where to place it. Pic 7/4/2012

#2. 'Komodo Dragon' - added spring 2011. Almost bought this a couple years ago but got 'Queen of the Seas' instead. I don't regret that but still waned this one. Can't wait for the piecrusted margins to develop. Pic 6/24/2012

#3. 'Krossa Regal' - added summer 2008. One of the first hostas I bought. Pic 7/4/2012

#4. 'Krossa Regal' - received division from neighbor spring 2009. This monster is really happy. Just moved out into a little more light a couple weeks ago but seems fine. Pic 7/4/2012

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