Reason for tasteless tomatoes discovered

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A recent scientific study has found that for many years, commercial tomato growers have bred into their tomatoes a gene that promotes uniform ripening and a nice red color, but gives them a blah taste. Well, we had suspected that all along, didn't we?

There is one bright spot. The researchers say that it is possible to overcome the taste killing effect with proper treatment. Let's hope some breeders are listening.

And here is the Science News article--Thanks Carolyn

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Above is a link to GW where someone linked to the original article, so not filtered by the NY Times. ( smile)

My response is there as well.


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That was another scientific study that was not necessary. It has been very obvious for the last 40 years that breeders were putting shipping and production values ahead of taste, not only with tomatoes but apples, stone fruit, and just about everything else that we buy in the vegetable and fruit markets.


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Here are some additional links, some of which donít have a pay-wall.

The genetic engineers have proven that the advocates of Heirloom Tomatoes were correct all along; our modern tomatoes carry a serious genetic defect which was introduced by plant breeders 70 years ago. The good news is that the discovery may provide insights for correcting the problem without compromising appearance. In the short term, I suspect that there will be renewed interest in Heirloom Tomatoes.

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These links, pertaining to the research of Dr. Ann Powell, are a must read for all tomato growers:

Powell Research Group

Discovery may lead to new tomato varieties with vintage flavor and quality


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