lynchis rose advice needed

manchester, United Kingdom

i was under the impression that lynchis coronia is a bienial that flowers in its 2nd year then dies. I know its a huge self seeding plant as my friend last year gave me over 30 seedlings and now in their 2nd year, most have grown the tall flowering stems although not flowered yet at the moment. I do have maybe up to 10 which are stil in the low rosette form without any stems. Because they are all in its 2nd year, i expect they will die at the end of this summer. But what about the few that have no stems, will i be able to keep these to flower next year? Or can i divide parts up so that i will have some flowering ones next year instead of waiting another 2 years? I have tried to research about this plant and some say they come back every year but i assume thats because of the self seeding. Any advise will be helpful. Thanks.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

This is common behavior for biennials; monocarpic may be a better term overall, although some plants will adhere to the "two year cycle" paradigm. Only the plants that actually bloom in any given year will then die off at the end of the season; the remainder will continue to live until after they bloom.

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