SOLVED: Cai__? Cia___? Common southern garden plant..

Denton, TX

These were given to me by my in-laws alongside some cannas, a vitex, a bougainvillia, a hibiscus, and a morning glory tree. They cannot recall what these are, though. They said they thought they started cai or cia, and that they are very common to southern gardens.

The one on the left is suffering quite a bit and needs to get out of that pot (it used to look only slightly smaller than the one on the right)! The two in the middle are young. The one on the right is a good 3' tall!!

Google has not been much help in identifying these... Was hoping someone here might be able to. I need to figure out where/how to plant them before they kick their buckets.

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Garland, TX(Zone 8a)

How 'bout Crinum? :-)

Denton, TX

You seem to be right!! After looking that up, I found a picture that showed a bud similar to one that was on it when they first arrived.. It never opened, so I completely forgot about it!

Here's the give-away shot:

Who'd-a-thunk I would have gotten an answer from someone less than 50 miles away??

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