Mealy Bugs Help!

Brillion, WI

I have what looks to be mealy bugs on my heuchera. Never had this before, didn't know they lived on heuchera. Also weird is I generally have ants in this area. Why aren't they taking them away?? A solution of alcohol and water spray? Anything quick and easy? Could I be mistaken on the mealy bugs? Sure looks like the mealy bugs I've seen on houseplants.

Homeworth, OH(Zone 5b)

spray them off w/ water or use insecticidal soap.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Can you post a picture? Hard to say if it's mealybugs or not without seeing them. Assuming it is mealies...sucking insects like aphids, scale, mealybugs, etc excrete honeydew which attracts the ants. So if you deal with the mealies, the ants should go away too. If there aren't too many mealybugs, my usual approach with them on houseplants is a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. Outdoors, I'd start with a good blast from the hose to wash off as many as possible and then go after them with an insecticide if you want to (or the q-tip & alcohol if there aren't too many left behind after the hose).

Brillion, WI

I took the hose out to blast them and upon further review LOL they just may be the remnants of the seed pods of the anemones that are right next to them. Whew. Didn't make sense having mealy bugs on heuchera. I'll keep a close eye. Thanks all!

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