Let's see your pictures of hostas beginning with "M"

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Pictures of hostas that begin with "M". Please add yours and tell us something about them.

#1. 'Mack the Knife' - new spring 2004. Was in a dark, dry spot between a Linden tree and my garden for years and it did nothing. Last spring I moved it to a spot with morning sun and it's doing much better.

#2. 'Marilyn Monroe' - new spring 2006. Marilyn is in her second location and she likes this one. I've been rewarded by late season blooms for several years now. Love the frilly leaves with the white petticoats underneath.

#3. 'Masquerade' - A very early hosta which is also very slow growing. Also slow to emerge. I rescued it from under other hostas in the garden and put it in a pot, but it seems to be getting smaller.

#4. 'Mighty Mouse' 1 - new June 2010. An regular, ordinary, 'Mighty Mouse'.

#5. 'Mighty Mouse' 2 - new June 2011. I found this one at my local hosta nursery last year and its colours were all over the map. I called it 'Mighty Confused Mouse' last year, but for the most part, it seems to have settled in this year.

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Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

#1. 'Moonstruck' - new spring 2007. A prissy little thing that doesn't grow well, melts out and is generally fussy. The year I divided a piece from it in the spring, it pouted all season. I've divided it. Gave some away to plant sales and am growing a section in another location, but I think this one is on the list of those to get rid of to make space for others.

#2. 'Morning Light' - new 2005. Also somewhat fussy. But once I moved it to morning light only, it stopped melting out for the most part. However, with strong sun the last couple of years and white aluminum siding from two houses nearby, I may have to look for another spot for it.

#3. 'Mouse Trap' - new August 2010. A lovely member of the BME family which has grown reasonably well for me.

#4. 'My Claire' - new spring 2006. I like this small hosta a lot. I think it's underused, but it's very pretty with its blue-centred leaves. I divided this one for the first time in 2011 when I did a large hosta sale to benefit my church renovation. When I replanted, I did so in 3 groups which have almost grown together into one large mound.

#5. Mouse garden with its watchful guardian.

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Ottawa, Canada

'Mystic Star' was bought in 2010 and is supposed to get 10" high and 22" wide. It has great substance and I believe he will get bluer with age as his wax coating gets thicker.

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Maine, United States(Zone 5b)

I like the form of that, Irawon.

1. Manhattan- a favorite. Great texture, pretty red-violet flowers, and has grown surprisingly well for me. Was described as "glacially slow" in the Hosta Library database, but that hasn't been true for me

2. My Cup of Tea- bought the same year as Manhattan- this one IS glacially slow....probably the worst grower in the whole garden. Sort of flat, asymmetrical habit in my garden. Not sure what to expect out of it as I couldn't really find mature pics of it anywhere. On the plus side- thick substance

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Cape May Court House, NJ(Zone 7a)

Maple Leaf ( on the right)

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Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

I like those flowers on Monty Python!

(Ducking and running).

Maine, United States(Zone 5b)

I really like H. Monty Python. However, I hate Monty Python, so I'm not sure I could get over that! ;)

Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)

#1. 'Manhattan' - new this spring 2012. Supposed to be a slow grower, but I really wanted the extreme corrugation and red flower scapes. Pic 6/15/2012

#2. 'Maraschino Cherry' - added spring 2010. Supposed to have red petioles and scapes, but I'm not impressed yet. Was planted poorly for the first couple years, so I can't attest to the flowers/scapes yet. Pic 7/4/2012

#3. 'Marilyn Monroe' - added fall 2011. Frilly medium hosta with ruffles and white backs. So far, I like this one better then Clovelly. Pic 6/19/2012.

#4. 'Mountain Snow' - added spring 2009. Not impressed yet. From the montana family, so emerges late and is supposed to be large. Has thin leaves that usually draw more insect damage than my other hostas. Got some late frost damage this year. Pic 7/4/2012

#5. 'Mourning Dove' - new this spring 2012. Like the way the leaves look soft, definitely dove-like. Pic 7/4/2012

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Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)

#1. 'montana Aureomarginata' - added summer 2008. Was initially planted very poorly by me and has been moved nearly every year since. Hope it's now in permanent home. It did add some growth in the last year. The long leaves and variegation are nice. Pic 5/30/2012

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