been away for a couple year's just came back today

Dexter, ME

hi fellow gardener's I dropped out of Dave's for a couple year's and today I renewed my sub
wanted to say good morning and say hi to everyone.I am selling just about everything in my yard things are tuff with the economy.We need to get a new roof, our wood supply and over past few months i started prepping.I dehydrate my food, stock up when sales. and learned a few herbal things a a herb class.i am downsizing my life.I am tired of rust, plants losing tags cause of our winter's etc, weeds weeds and more weeds LOL.
So please watch when I have a listing.I am basically here to say hello and see how everyone is.I missed Dave's and the friendly people.
I hope everyone is good,garden's doing well.Yours Robin~

Melbourne, KY(Zone 6a)

Welcome back, Robin! I hope your sale goes well!

Dexter, ME

Thank you

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