Frigidaire front loading washer - won't spin.

Mahone Bay, Nova Sco, Canada

I have a 7 year old front loading Frigidaire washer (Mod. no: FTF2140ES, Ser. no? - XC52426950) that will not spin in any cycle. The drum only turns during the wash or rinse cycle. The machine drains and then, when it is supposed to spin, the drum doesn't turn but the pump keeps pumping. The pump does pump all of the water out. After the allotted time for the spin cycle, the pump stops and the machine moves on to the next part of the cycle. After the final rinse and spin cycle (but it doesn't spin) it stops and beeps as it always has.

From reading all of the replies in the forum, it seems likely that the issue is in the door mechanism, although the door does lock and unlock properly.

Does anyone have a solution?

Thank you.


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