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Rowesville, SC(Zone 8b)

Just wanted to drop in and say hello. Been looking for a garden forum where ppl actually talk lol. Hope to make some new friends.

Virginia Beach, VA

Welcome to DG Laura!!!

Belle from Virginia Beach

Kankakee, IL(Zone 5b)

I have only been here about a month and I love it. I'm here more than I'm on Facebook now lol. Welcome!

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

Welcome, Laura.

If you have gardening questions, we have answers. No question is too silly - so fire away!

Homeworth, OH(Zone 5b)

Welcome! As I have found out there is always someone here who can help

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

Welcome Laura! Jump right in!

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

Welcome aboard! No question is considered foolish or stupid here in Dave's Garden, so if you need to know, just ask! We were all newbies at one time, and we asked LOTS of questions. Some questions we've forgotten we asked, so you'll just remind us when you ask, and make us remember what we forgot!

Godspeed, and Good Harvest!


Lexington, KY(Zone 6b)

Welcome Laura! You are going to LOVE it. I have learned so much from these wonderful people. . .I just started in the Winter, and they have saved many a veggie! Enjoy!!

Ozone, AR(Zone 6a)

Welcome from me also. Have never seen such a big group of wonderful people. You'll love it here.
Tell us what it's like to grow things in Ariz?

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