TEA ROOM # 110

Merino, Australia

Time to shorten the long walk, we came from here

As you can see from the pic, the wattles are starting to flower.
The smaller ones are already looking pretty and the Cootamundras will soon be in full bloom.
As usually happens, when the wattles are looking so beautiful, it rains on them and spoils the whole effect.
It wont be long before we see more sun and start feeling some warmth as old man Sol rises in the sky.

I had better go move the elves along with shifting all the things from the old Tea Room. They do tend to be a bit slow at this time of year.
I have the magic Carpet out on the Tea room patio in the sun.
If everyone is ready we can take off this week.
I will fly up and get any of our northern friends who are coming along.
Karen will enjoy a trip I know.
We can then zoom back, spend a day with Dianne & Sue , then all head off to Tassie .
Anthony had better have the kettle on as I am sure it will be cold down there.
Get all your things ready everyone.

Karen and anypne else up there , be ready to show us your pretty locale and what rocks etc you have around.
We are going to be bringing lots of rocks & crystals etc back with us.

Dianne & Sue , we expect a short tour of your areas. before we head to Anthony.

The carpet has lengthened itself to carry all our stuff.

Keep warm

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Brisbane, Australia

Hey, a magic carpet ride - yes! And rock hunting too! It can't get any better than that.

Anthony, I would be interested in looking at the website of the people who sell Crocoite. I looked at some on eBay and don't really understand the huge price differences. Would love to know more.

Going to pack now and wait for the carpet. See y'all soon.


Camperdown, Australia

HMMM Magic Carpets - I hope the air around it will be magically warmed cos it sure is cold round here just now. Jean as you posted our move I was posting my fence ! LOL But I followed you over here.

We can zip up to Agate creek for some lovely agates and over to WA for some Amethysts while we are aboard- I will bring my mud maps so we don't get lost. Better pack a picnic basket too.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Karen,' Lunaris Gemstones' is the name-Anthony

barmera, Australia

I'm all ready too Jean. Oh I do love the carpet rides. We can go to Overland Corner and fossick for fossils too. All along the Murray River in the sandstone cliffs. Might be able to chuck a line in for a while and maybe catch a very elusive Murray Cod to have a look at. I won't forget the worms this time. Cameren picks up lots of rocks along the road and wets his finger and rubs on them. He has lots of rocks in a wooden box in his room. Nothing worth anything money- wise but he loves them and that's the main thing. That's the thing about the magic carpet Chookie, the weather is what ever we want it to be. Well my short-lived solitude will end soon. John will get me another trailer load of sand and mushroom compost and I will need a few bags of wood chips too. I tried to win the x-lotto Saturday night but didn't come anywhere close. Oh, what I would do with $30mil. Is your Winter Hippy out yet Jean. Mine has finished now. Funny how your's is so much later over there. I saw that blue one too Jean. It was very pretty wasn't it? Maybe I'll put in a Christmas wish. I have a flower bud on one of the Tils you sent me. That will be nice when it comes out. The others are looking okay too but no other buds. Must go. Everyone have a great day. Colleen

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Clifton Springs, Australia

I saw that everyone was packing for our trip this morning, but I had to watch Geelong win, so I have been packing my duffle bag....I haven't got the right tools, but I do have a fold up shovel and lots of enthusiasm...
It sounds as though we will have lots of places to dig, I want to dig up an amethyst geodes....mind you I won't recognize it so I'm relying on our fossicking carpeteers to tell me what's what.

Chookie, you won't need a mud map, I have plenty in Mick's paddock.....what is it by the way?

Anthony are you bringing that crazy cocky? if you are, I'm leaving Tilly home....last trip she came home with half of her pretty tail missing...

Colleen, that John of your's is a very good uncle and son...the boys must love him heaps...hope they didn't get very wet.....and you enjoyed your restful day.

Jean, let's know when you start up and I'll be waiting....see everyone soon...Dianne
Can you smell the Wintersweet?

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Merino, Australia

I am having trouble convincing Carpet to come out of his cupboard. I told him that it will be nice and warm in our virtual world.
I think he hasnt realised he is virtual too. ...lol

I was looking at a few web sites on gemstones etc and found a reference to something like my little bit of rock . It could be dendritic jasper.
The ferny marks are apparently sometimes the remains of tiny sea creatures which feather through the rock.

Christchurch, New Zealand

hmmm - not sure if it will be magic but our new carpet is being installed on Friday :)
We should be back in the house by that night.
Looking forward to having the dogs back although Miss Sugar weasel came into season today.
We were wondering why the only intact dog at club was acting goofy, he's too young to know what was up but he knew there was something in the air.
I didn't notice until we'd been there a while & i was trying to train the weasel - she went silly doing the down stay & started rolling on her back & waving her paws in the air... so she was being goofy too!
But I realised why at that point & put her away, Copper seemed oblivious thank goodness as I had them crated together.

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Boy is it cold here on the Sunshine Coast!

The school holidays and people are complaining that it is so cold the children are inside driving the parents nuts. *G*
This is a time when I can smile because I am old and can say "Been there ...done that"
Yep...looking for my woolley g-strings just now.*G*

Nambour Garden Expo this weekend and I am busy doing a few things for the Buderim Garden Club's display.
Also have Fred's son and grand-aughter arriving from Geelong for a holiday.

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. The rain has gone for awhile so I have Carpet out and ready.

I think Dianne and Sue will be the first on board.
Dianne, I will get you on board first .
Have you got all your gear ready ?
Expect me any time this morning after I finish my cuppa and finish persuading Carpet that he will love the trip and it will be warm.
Silly Carpet, thinks he's real...lol

Sue are you ready?
You should see us overhead around lunchtime.
I hope we can sample some of your tasty treats .
If the weather stays fine we can explore around your place .

Colleen, you will see us arriving by tomorrow . It all depends on how much of Sues yummies we can eat..lol
Hope you have lots to show us.

We will get to see Anthony after that. I am looking forward to seeing some of the beautiful areas of Tassie.

Better leave out something for those not coming on the trip.
Heres a tasty treat.....Apple and Cinnamon Slice..

I'm off to get Carpet loaded and start him moving.

Happy day

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Brisbane, Australia

Need warm socks. On my list. Yeah!

Anthony, thank you for that link. Will go have a look.

Teresa, if they are laying carpet, the repairs must be finished now? You must be getting quite excited.

Jean, I agree it could be dendritic jasper. Certainly looks most probably.

Hi Marlene. Winter isn't the best time for school holidays, is it. Yes, been there, done that too. Sit back, relax and enjoy them now.

Dianne, Colleen and Sue, am looking forward to seeing some of your favourite fossicking locations. Anyone else coming too?
I tried to get a snow parker but they've all sold out in the stores now. Anyone mind if I wear a thick fluffy pink dressing gown? Ok, Ok, just joking.

The lower rock is a piece of pink lace agate. I thinks its pretty.


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Merino, Australia

Karen, we are still at Sue's place.
Dianne was a bit slow at loading her stuff on Carpet. She wanted to bring Tilly, but I reminded her of how Cocky teased her last time.
We are enjoying lots of Sue's home made goodies.
We will zoom up and grab you in the morning as we may spend the night here.

Colleen, we will see you soon. Hope you have lots to show us.
Saw these fellows this morning.


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Clifton Springs, Australia

Sorry for being so slow, I couldn't find the fold up shovel,
Chookie's, lemon butter on chunky bread is hard to resist....how much weight does the carpet carry Jean?

On the way back could we stop at Eastern beach and look for that Aragonite, I know where the spot is that you mentioned, it's just near where the mineral water tap is.....so we can bring bottles for the water too.
Then we can walk to the caravan that sells fresh hot mussels, I love them with Chili sauce, and have some for lunch...
Then we can walk past the gorgeous helicopter pilot, maybe we can go for a flight over the bay, we won't mention that we have already been over on the carpet.

Aldi had a sale on snow gear, Karen, I got you the pants as well as the jacket, glad that you like PINK..lol

Anthony, we can go to Salamanca with you on Saturday...you can show us your favourite haunts.

See everyone soon....Dianne

Merino, Australia

Dianne, are you really going to drink that water ?
I had a drink of mineral water at Daylesford once. ugh.....

When you say how much weight can Carpet carry, I assume you mean rocks and things not us 'wee skinny' ladies...lol

Yes , I did enjoy Sue's preserves , especially that lovely marmalade.
I hope she doesnt notice a jar is missing.
It must have fallen in my bag....
Don't worry Anthony, Sue is generously bringing some down for you.

Karen, you will look very cute in pink. Have you bunny slippers to go with the robe ?
I always say comfort is better than fashion, so wear your robe by all means.
I have a feeling someone did bring a furry animal ( Tilly) so watch or it will be cuddling up next to you.
Enjoy a good night sleep everyone, we will be off early tomorrow.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Jean, that mineral water is delicious, it tastes just like flat lemonade....not the stinky sulpher mineral water at Daylesford.
When I looked into Tilly's big bug eyes, how could I say no........ she had a tongue full of dirt, she has been practising digging gemstones, she wants a jewelled collar.

The first pic shows what happened when I told her that she couldn't come with us.

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barmera, Australia

I'm ready and waiting Jean. I've made us home made pasties for lunch so will have them nice and hot for you all when you get here. Benny will be so pleased to see Tilly. He loves to run around the back yard with other dogs. Maybe we can go for a trip up to the island where we used to camp when we were kids. Every May holidays we packed up and went camping. Lots of fish around then. My brother and sister and their families all went camping too. We still joke at how little food they took with them as you could catch fish or a rabbit or a duck anytime you needed it. They used to take Weetbix, powered milk a packet of tea., flour, sugar, jam and always a packet of Surf for washing the nappies. My niece was only six weeks old when she first went camping. There are lots of burial grounds around that area. We can then go down river to Overland corner and do some fossicking in the cliffs. Shark teeth have even been found there so that would be a bit of a thrill if we could find one too. The boys are on school holidays so they will have to come too. Branden wants to find a starfish skeleton. Cameren will be quite happy just looking for lizards. Then maybe we can go down river a bit further to Taylorville and go for a camel ride. This guy takes his camels lots of different places but it would be nice to see lots of camels all together. There is a nice little bush tucker place down that way too, maybe we can call in for afternoon tea and try out their quondong jam. I don't know where there are any minerals around here so we might have to go and see the gem and mineral people and ask them. I have always wanted to visit Tasmania so that will be nice. Can't wait to take off. See you all in the morning. Colleen

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

I do believe Charley is fueling up for the trip. He is a happy boy, got plenty of food for the month. He's gonna Break his Mama's piggy bank, with all this eating.
Painted Lady is blooming.
Moonlight Angel or Angel's Moonlight, what ever she is, it's beautiful.
Trees cracking and falling every where, it is so hot and dry. Did get just a little sprinkle but also had some wind with it.

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Cold here this morning but it will soon be off into some lovely virtual weather on Carpet.

Colleen, I hope you have plenty of food for this hungry lot. I see the preserves from Sues place are being nibbled ..
I hope there is some left when we get to Anthonys .

We are looking forward to seeing all around your area Colleen.
I hope we can find some pretty rocks.

Diannes garden is so lovely and Sue is doing great things at her place so we are waiting to see what Colleen has done with all her cacti & broms.
Sue has some lovely art work too.

Dianne, we must stop at your place on the way back as I would like to try those hot mussels.

Karen , get your pink gear ready. We should see you about Thursday, depending on what we find in Tassie.

I hope you all have cameras as we want to see lots of pics of the various places we all live.

I had better put out something for the people still here .
try these Banana Muffins.

Happy day

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Wow, Charleen...talk about a "lucky" break....a few feet more and the shed when have been done for.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Oooh scary, Charleen......lucky it fell on that side....
Pretty Brugs, post when the AM opens up......
A trip on the carpet will do you good...
Moon are you coming too?

Brisbane, Australia

Ah good morning all. What is the weather report so far, Jean? Are you warm enough out there?

Glad it wasn't today for pick up, as I have a hospital appointment. There goes more than half the day.

Dianne, I can't believe you got me pink snow gear. Thank you.

See you all soon.


Merino, Australia

Colleen, I hope you have lunch on as we are just about there.
I hope the passengers are all taking plenty of pics as we fly over.

Karen, its freezing in the real world but our virtual tours are always done in perfect weather.

Charleen, you were so lucky that tree was careful of your shed. Hope it didnt frighten Charley. He looks like he will eat all that hay at once.
We had better bring plenty of cookies with us.


barmera, Australia

We're ready Jean. The boys have been helping me get lunch ready but the pasties changed to sausage rolls. Some home made sauce to go with it too. Beautiful and sunny here. Sorry I got waylaid by a visitor and then I had to do some shopping so will finish this post now. It's been sitting here since before lunch. The sausage rolls are heated now. Sorry about the delay. Colleen

Thumbnail by ctmorris
Merino, Australia

Dont worry Colleen, we stopped off along the way as we were feeling peckish. We ended up having lunch at a lovely winery and will have your delicious sausage rolls for tea.
I think Carpet is feeling a bit left out as we haven t been taking any notice of him.
He can hang around on your veranda and enjoy the fresh air.
See you in a few ticks.

Thumbnail by 77sunset
barmera, Australia

It's great to have you all here. I'll take you for a tour of the SH and the cactus. Watch out for Chad, the rooster and his girls. Don't put your fingers in the galah's cage or they will have you. Can you hear Harry purring? No flowers on the cactus at the moment but some of the Aloes are getting lovely flower heads and they will look great soon. There's even some brugs out to greet you. OSA, BB, Avalanche and a verrrry pale Lipstick. Buds coming out on EP but they will still be a few days. The urn is on so would you like tea or coffee? I have Bushell's tea or Moccona dark roast. Maybe you would like a bit of apple crumble and fresh cream with that. Carpet can take a rest on the nice sunny verandah. Colleen

Thumbnail by ctmorris Thumbnail by ctmorris Thumbnail by ctmorris
Clifton Springs, Australia

Tea for me, thanks Colleen....yes to the apple crumble and cream too....I have my favourite wine in my rucksack as usual, well wrapped of course, miss not having Stake to share it with..

Colleen, Ray saw all of your delicious cooking and he is going to drive up to your place, can you leave some out for him? Those kids of yours live well, don't they.....
We will be travelling on that sooky carpet by then....surely it knows that we can't do without it...
Maybe if we give it a good brushing, while it's at your place ...Jean what do you think?

Here is some light reading for everyone tonight, https://www.gardenexpress.com.au/
I ordered the double Liliums....there are Waterlilies in there too, chookie and some other pretty things....

Merino, Australia

Colleen, is that pretty pink ring cactus,the same one Brian bought into the tea Room once ?

I'll have green tea thank you.
I always carry a few tea bags in case people dont have green tea.
I love apple crumble but no cream thank you.
Would you please tell Harry he cannot stay on my knee all night. .
I love the broms in your shadehouse too.
Did you try some of Sues delicious jam ?
Lucky we had some left, as I think Dianne has been secretly indulging with some scones we picked up at a little bakery near the winery.
Time for some girl talk a bit later, after the boys have gone to bed.
I think Sue has a bottle of wine somewhere and I am sure Brian is watching in delight.

Ha ha, Dianne we posted at the same time. I thought it was you with the wine, but funny we both thought of Brian..
I was thinking how much cream he would have had on his crumble...lol

Dont worry , Carpet is usually very good and has just been feeling neglected all wrapped up in the shed since our last trip.

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Jean, I might have the green tea, I haven't tried it before....
I forgot to compliment Colleen on her flowers.....post some Brugs pics on the other forum Colleen....
Especially Avalanche and Lipstick, we don't see those very much...

barmera, Australia

Jean I don't know whether Brian posted a pic the same but that one is mine from last year. I didn't get any of his little Mammalarias or Gymnocalysiums only the big ones. I'm glad you liked the afternoon tea. It's getting pretty chilly now so we'd all better come inside. Carpet can park in the passage way for the night and Tilly and Benny can sleep on their bed in living area. Dianne I can't find the pic of Lipstick, I think it is on the flash drive as I have changed computers and down loaded pics from 2010. It flowered while it was in the SH and then I planted it out in the front garden. It has 2 flowers but they both got hit with the frost and are mis-shapen and so pale that I haven't bothered to take any pics of it. Avalanche has about 10 flowers all on the northern side where the frost didn't hit. Here's a pic of Avalanche taken last September when it first flowered in the ground. Colleen

Thumbnail by ctmorris
Christchurch, New Zealand

have as much cream as you like - virtual cream is good for you ;)
It was miserable today & I forgot to top up my Metro card & had no money for the bus so walked down to the shops to get some out...
it was steady drizzle so I was damp & cold by the time I got there - about a 20 minute walk.
Good thing it's school holidays & even catching a later bus got me to work on time.
We worked 8.30 - 6.30 yesterday doing the stock take... we scanned & counted ever item of stock in the shop - at last count a little over 4000 garments!!!
long day & the company shouted us pizza for lunch.
out in the office the job wasn't even finished by 5pm tonight, bit disappointing as the two of us in the shop have been working our butts off trying to get organised but the management team leave things to the last minute, had they acted when we said they needed to it would have gone more smoothly & it would have been all sorted by the 'deadline'.
A virtual carpet trip sounds like a great chance to get away for a bit...
I haven't been out to Birdlings Flat so would enjoy taking a look & fossicking for agates.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Sorry about the Metro card, Teresa....but your stocktake story brought back a lot of funny memories....I worked for Myer, our largest department store chain for many years and although it had to be very accurate back then, down to the last button in some depts, we had a lot of fun at the same time.......it's all estimation with small items now......

Sounds as though the carpet trip will be very timely for you.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

No, I won't be able to join you all on your lovely ride, but, when you pick up Charleen, please drop by for tea. I will have scones with fresh strawberries and blueberries and cream along with biscuits and cucumber or tomato sandwiches and of course lots of wonderful grilled Cajun sausages and fresh baked pistolettes. Anthony, icy cold beer in the box, a variety from local micro breweries you may enjoy. I will also have a lovely Bellagio white chilled, a hearty red, Chai, green tea, iced tea and dark roast Louisiana coffee. Lots of sweet hay and goodies for Charlie and the critters are waiting for them.

This link is to fossicking site around the US...


Should you arrive late, I have accommodations for you all. And a nice fire to natter around

Thumbnail by themoonhowl Thumbnail by themoonhowl
Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Teresa, I heard this morning that there was another quake....6.2 I think. Hope it did not affect you or your freshly repaired home.

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

There is even site in Georgia. Love the Gypsy wagons, we will have enough room for all.
Jean sounds like Heaven to me....
Here is tree that fell over walking path. At's rump, they are so nosy....
Here comes Charley checking it out!!!
The other long ears came and checked it out,but they were cautious.
the last is a heavenly smelling brug named Flame. Pretty too!!!!

Thumbnail by ridesredmule Thumbnail by ridesredmule Thumbnail by ridesredmule Thumbnail by ridesredmule Thumbnail by ridesredmule
Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

I saw that Charleen....that is why I figured after a day of playing rockhound, you might all enjoy a relaxing evening....GRIN The longears remind me of ferrets.....OH run, go see what is happening? Can you eat it? GRIN

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

They really are, Jean!!! they are so funny. They make you laugh. When I was getting some of their hay for mulch yesterday the oldest one Isabelle came around to see what I was doing and I was bent over collecting hay. I looked up and she had her rump turned to me. She want it scratch. She is so sweet.
the other guys was on other side and not caring one way or another as long as they could eat!!!!☺
It would be so much fun to go rock hunting....

Camperdown, Australia

Good Morning everyone.
What a great orgsaniser you are Jean - such a smooth trip and all on time too.So good to meet you all too.
I didn't pack wine but did put in the homemade ginger beer and the Apple Cider which packs quite punch - will that do?
Love those gyspy wagons Moon - a great stopover!!

Dianne those mudmaps are handmade maps provided by previous fossickers that show the little tracks in to specific locations get the best gems.

Plenty of jam and lemon butter left so no one will miss out- passionfruit butter going fast though. Who ate all the fig & ginger jam?

Will be offline for a couple of days as I move furniture and computer around - again!!

Studio looks like a bomb hit it as the last boxes are unpacked all over the place trying to find homes for everything- tired myself out moving things from place to place.

Karen that lace agate is lovely. I am getting the studio organised to begin some stone carving very soon. Tools now unpacked ! Yippee- haven't seen some of them for 5 years!

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
How lovely to wake up to someone else cooking breakfast.
Colleen, I did enjoy the tomatoes & bacon with my sausages.
We often have either eggs& bacon or those small sausages & tomatoes instead of cereal for breakfast.

While we spend the day sightseeing and fossicking around here, I will send Carpet to pick up Karen. .( in her pretty pink gear )
I thought Karen would like to be in on the Tassie part as there are lots of lovely places to see down there.

Karen, Carpet will be careful, he really does enjoy our trips and wont tip you off..

Sue, we did enjoy all your preserves and I am sure will continue to enjoy them as we get through the ones you kindly gave us all.

Anthony are you ready for us all to descend on you. ?

I hope you have plenty of places to show us.
I am going to be sure to get to the Port Arthur convict site while there as I had a few ancestors that must have known the place well.

Its cold at home, so hubby tells me. Foggy but fine .
Teresa, we all be over to see you as soon as we have had a good look around Tassie.
I look forward to meeting the Sugar weasel...lol
Hope there are not too many bumps and shakes while we visit.

Moon , I love those gypsy wagons.
I once entertained the thought of going around Australia in one, but was talked out of trying as it takes quite a bit to maintain them & the horses on the road.
Maybe in my younger days ,I should have thought of it.

Charleen, I cant wait to hugs those ferry ones.

We will be there before you know it.

Now better put out nibbles for the stay at homes...
Heres a yummy Banana Caramel Loaf.

Happy Day

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Them babies love hugs.. Now that is a yummy looking cake.
We are getting RAIN!!!! My water buckets are full and so are my fountains. The brugs and I are so happy and all the rest of my little dry world.
WoooooHooooo!!!! Rain dance here....

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

We got rain here Monday....nearly an inch over about 90 minutes...seems every drop got to sink in judging by how perky and green everything was this morning.

Glad you like the wagons...I fell in love with gypsy wagons watching the Wizard of Oz...

Have a safe trip, All.

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